• My mortgage is 450 a month and that includes the home owners insurance, without that it would be under 400 a month and I have a HUGE HUGE house. We rented a townhouse though before we bought a house and that was 700 a month for a very nice but much smaller 2 bedroom 1 bath 2 story townehouse. It just depends on what you like and which part of town you look at. The 700 was very expensive for here in fort wayne IN, most places are way cheaper, like in the 300-500 range. Indiana is a very affordable place to live BUT we also make less per hour then other states in most of the jobs we do. Good luck on your move. I moved here from seattle washington and it is WAY cheaper here then it was there but it was sooooooooooooo much nicer and funner there. I miss seattle. :(
  • Im from Australia - but probably can give you a - common sense answer...... ha. If you live near popular cities/towns, with jobs that pay higher, and places that have alot of entertainment - if you rent a place that is very easy to get to work from etc etc etc - you pay higher! If you live in the middle of nowhere - with not much to do - you generally pay lower.
  • sounds like a pretty good deal to me, I live in Maryland USA in a 2br/2bath condo with loud neighbors piled on top of me and no yard or privacy and pay $1400 a month, you can't even touch a decent house around here for that price.

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