• You should say, "Back off! I'm not going to jail for you!" No seriously, dont brake the law just to please your friends. Real friends wouldn't ask you to do that in the first place.
  • Although it is cool and peer pressure can be severe to do it. You have to be disciplined and simply say no.
  • Exactly what you just said. That you're not allowed by law. Taking a chance would not only be silly, but potentially very dangerous.
  • Just be straight forward and tell them no you can not do it because it is against the law and you don't want to take the risk of not getting your license. You can also tell them that my parents won't allow you to do it.
  • 88% of all accidents under the age of 21 occur with friends in the vehicle. and 96% of all statistics are made up. but it really is a main cause of accidents.
  • haha say "yeah it would be cool if i went for a spin... but wouldnt it be much cooler if i waited a few years and was legally allowed to drive!"
  • Would you jump off a cliff if they asked you to? No... Your licence, your life. No, Max ;-)
  • You will go to jail , not them - theres a good answer ----- And I have to ask max what happened to your smiley face , it's sooo small on your avatar
  • Refuse politely.
  • If you were my child the chance of a license would be gone, the car would be gone, and lots of other things as well. Good thing come to those who wait.
  • Tell them you can not and that you would rather keep your learner licence and car so you can take them for a spin when you legally can.
  • Tell them that if you got caught you would loose your licence before you even get it. How will you feel if you lost yours just as they all earned them. Its great to do stuff like this when its not you who is gonna suffer when you get caught and thats what they are asking you to do
  • No. if they cant understand that you dont want to risk your liscence before you even have it they might not be the greatest friends in the world. just tell them thats is not worth the risks involved, if they are good friends they should understand! :D

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