• I am going to visit my best friend who lives in California. We are going to go to an art museum, shopping, and to a movie. Those are things we both enjoy. I think you should do things you both find enjoyable.
  • Me and my two best friends hang out once a week and we either just sit and talk or go to the movies or bake or go to the bar and meet boys or cook each other supper sometimes we invite over a couple more people and play pictonary... we try and do things that dont cost alot of money tho cause we are students and dont have alot usually just being with each other and talking is fun enough
  • i would just ask her what she wants to do and then just do that
  • Museums: art, natural history, science Art galleries Bike riding Buy peanuts in the shell no salt and go to the park and feed squirrels Google "things to do in (name of your town)" Check the web sites of your local radio stations and tv stations. At least one of them will have a list of fun things to do locally. Sign up to volunteer at the animal shelter and go walk dogs together. Play boatd games at home and make brownies for dessert. Get a boxed mix at the Dollar Tree.

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