• Yes very much so!
  • I don't believe so. Our resources just are not spread out evenly enough.
  • No, most of the world's resources are held by too few people.
  • Absolutely. The world is over populated by 6 Billion people. Technically speaking, if the planet Earth was a ride at Disneyland, the sign at the gate would read 300 million people maximum. I think I read that in a NG.
  • No WAY! We just have trillions times billions times a googolplex (10 to the 100th power TIMES 10) of people on our earth. In fact, I'd say it's underpopulated... In case you haven't figured it out, that was sarcasm people. It's hard to type sarcasm, but very easy to say it...
  • yes if we continue our increased need for consumerism and our increasing pollution levels.
  • Well curbing the rampant rate of growth would be a nice thing to make sure that urban crowding isn't such a population in the future especially as cities are too crowded for any one else to get in.
  • We would have to double or triple the existing population and it would still not be overpopulated.
  • Yes, very much. But the problem is underdefined and subjective. If there were fewer people there would definitely be a lot less poverty.
  • Yes! Real overpopulated with 6 million. Which is why I'm never going to have kids, the world's full as it is. Besides, I don't think I could handle the new younger generation.
  • yeah I would say So..
  • The world is gifted with abundant natural resources. If this is naturally distributed and made available abd access for all who need, then this world can afford and accomodate more than the two folds of the present population. If this cannot be done or possible, then the present population appears as over populated in this world.
  • Yes, according to the leading scientific studies around the world, the population has already exceeded the resources required to support it. A study by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) called the Global Environment Outlook which involved 1,400 scientists and took five years to prepare comes to similar conclusions. It "found that human consumption had far outstripped available resources. Each person on Earth now requires a third more land to supply his or her needs than the planet can supply". It is not an exaggeration that 25,000 people die of starvation EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if all the world resources were equally distributed to every person in the entire world, each person would have the equivalent on one bowl of rice a day. Overpopulation is responsible for the premature arrival of Global Warming (a regular, natural occurrence) and some recent findings have shown that the ocean's food chain is so polluted that a massive die-out at the lower end of the food chain has reached pandemic proportions.
  • The world is over populated. Spreading the "abundant resources" more evenly would not fix the problem. People would just continue to breed, then the resources would have to be divided up still further. This is exactly what happens in some places in Asia. A family owns a plot of land, they divide the plot among their children, who divide this smaller plot among their children. Eventually, after a few generations, the plot of land is not large enough to produce the food to feed the family. Then they all starve. We have become victims of our own success - we can produce more food using fertilizers and intensive farming etc. However, our pollution and use of resources is driving other species to extinction. Several fish species including Blue Fin Tuna will be fished to extinction within the decade. Man needs to stop behaving like a cancer on the planet, and live more in tune with natural forces. Stop rewarding breeding with tax breaks, pay people NOT to have children. Allow Gay Marriage - at least we don't breed much!
  • Although I do not feel the world is overpopulated- people who live in certain areas might think so. One of the types of terrorist to look out for are those who think the world is overpopulated. Some people who feel the world is overpopulated live in areas where homeless people are numerous. It is frustrating for someone who works hard to hand over their hard earned money to someone who is not working and/or not attempting to find employment or educate themselves. People who see non working- poor individuals who have 5 kids feel the world is overpopulated. I do not think the world is overpopulated so much as we have certain people who have no self control or are very uneducated. I will be coming into a lot of money this year and not going to feel sorry for every person who has a bunch of kids- they can get a job or take the pill.
  • Not yet but it soon will be..

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