• Yeah I think there are some users here who love offending others. Well, they're the grouchy old ones, probably with ED. I'm learning how to ignore them. Hard, but I'm trying.
  • Yes. All you have to do is look through q/a here for a few minutes to see that there are plenty of offending addicts here.
  • Probably. For some, it may be because "it's fun" and seeing the reaction people give is amusing...For others, it may be because they have nothing better to do and when they do find they can do it, they keep on going...just for entertainment.
  • Yes, I'm sure of it! I think we lovingly refer to them as trolls (not to be confused with THE TROLL). I also just refer to them as losers....
  • I like to believe it's not. Many people use the word addiction too liberally nowadays. Sounds like a cop-out. There are things you CAN and should learn to control.
  • I would say for some yes it is. There are several people here on this site who make it their sacred duty to constantly piss people off with their rude ignorant questions answers and comments. Fortunately we have many good members here who recognize this and don't allow members like that to last very long around here with the exception of a certain avowed communist member. With as many people as she has pissed off with her arrogance I am suprised she is still around
  • It is possible for offending others to become a habit, which would make it an addiction.
  • Yes. The one and only reason I can think of is for moderation points. ^_^
  • Yes I think you could become sarcastic and over use it
  • yes it is for some people, i guess some think of it as something fun or entertaining to do, thats the way it is with someone i know.
  • Probably, it does have a bit of a thrill to it.
  • ...yes, yet this would be an illusory illness... but, why would someone become this way? at the root is an identity question; they simply have questions about their identity; some think they can find their identity by being in opposition to others..; this is neither a good thing nor a bad thing..., merely one more seeming thing to allow to pass over you without a second thought....
  • Yes, anything that becomes a habit, can then become an addiction. Like Weeza in Steel Magnolias "I'm not crazy. I've just been in a bad mood for 40 years."
  • two words-howard stern
  • It is possible to internalize being offensive as something you like about yourself. It's very revealing what people choose to pride themselves in. The human psyche and mind are complex creatures. It's really hard to comprehend when you are genuine of mind and spirit how people could disrespect one another. But, yes, I know for a fact that some people get a natural high off of behaving badly to other people. It's a lose-lose situation.
  • i dont think that by offending others you become addicted. the real problem is that you are trying to rid yourself of self hatred by being nasty to others?
  • Absolutely. It's called, among other things, a superiority complex and it's very ugly and demeaning.

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