• That was real!
  • I am at the understanding that we really don't know. It was written in the Odyssey, and because of how terribly destroyed the cities were that the Odyssey described it was impossible to tell if it was real or a story.
  • It was very real...
  • It was true. Yours Truly- The Easter Bunny
  • I'm not sure if there really is a way to know other then digging it out of a archaeological dig. They had so many stories then that got stretched into tall tales.
  • There is no solid historical evidence that the Trojan War, with all the stories arising from it as told in the Iliad, the Odyssey (and to a lesser extent the Aeneid), ever actually took place and is anything more than just a story. It is possible that it did though. As for the details such as the Trojan Horse, the semi-mortal Achilles being killed by an arrow in his heel, Odysseus wandering the oceans for 10 years trying to get home afterwards and meeting with witches... one would suspect these are all embellishments. In fact to me, their presence at every turn of the narrative suggests that the entire conflict is a dramatic invention and not based on historical fact, but prior to Homer there was something of a Dark Age in terms of written texts, so it is possible that his epic poem was based on an actual historic siege-battle that took place and merely embellished to make a better story rather than fabricated from scratch.
  • i think it was just a myth.
  • Well parts of the story are true. The Trojan War was fact and the story about the horse is hotly debated. But a 10 year war did occur between Greece and Troy and it was over Helen. But the follow up stories such as the Odyseey are obviously fiction.
  • The honest truth to this is that there's no single answer, only a maybe. Archaeological digs have found that there were up to 11 Troy's through the ages, all built on the same site, and then destroyed (mostly by earthquakes). Using other dates given in the sources (the Aeneid, the Oddesy etc) we can accurately say that the Trojan War occurred during the period of the 5th Troy. From the sources, we can work out key facts about this Troy - it had large defensive walls and it was burned to the ground after being invaded, both of which concur with the 5th level Troy (there's evidence of ash and other carbon before the 6th city of Troy was built, and large foundations for the huge walls). There’s also evidence of a settlement close to the coast at the same time, which could be the Greek camp. However, as for the actual horse, there is no archaeological evidence to say yes or no for certain, but one thing is clear – if the stone walls of troy were as big as their foundations indicate, the Greeks would have had a very difficult time gaining entry, which possibly suggests a sneak attack. ;)
  • I watched a programme where these military experts were using their modern computers to re-enact the battles depicted in the Iliad and they found out that the battles were described quite accurately, so it's very likely that all the skirmishes were real. As for the horse, it may or may not have existed. One theory that they came up with was that the greeks used a large siege weapon that was like a battering ram but it was inside a large wooden structure which provided protection against arrows for the men operating it. Such a device would have resembled a large wooden horse. However in the myth, we're supposed to believe that the greeks used the wooden horse for stealth rather than a direct attack. Maybe it sounds more romantic to say that Odysseus devised a trick to help them win the war, or maybe it actually happened the way Homer wrote it. But then all great stories come riddled with truth.
  • No one really knows for sure, all we have is stories which really isnt always accurate. I've been doing a little searching & there's a lot of theories, including that one of the psichics that protested against the horse was eaten along with one or both of his sons by a giant sea snake powered by the sea god who was on the greeks side during the 10 year war.
  • i think so course i think hele....the most beautifull woman in the world was real too
  • Based on fact the Archaeologists aren't disputing if troy was real or not just that if Homer's poems told the actual events of Troy

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