• She's just trying things out. It's part of growing up.
  • Time for a sex talk mom. Got to get the communication going and keep it going.
  • Schools these days are filled with many unintellegent kids doing things they think is what ever.. It works pretty much like this.. Those types of girls dont have confidence of getting boys attention, but they think kissing other girls gets them that attention, thats why most of them do stuff like that.. I'm not saying your daughter is this way, she might just be curious why all the other girls are doing it at school, or maybe she just wanted to see what it was like. Lack of confidence goes for the 15 yr old though.. influencing younger ppl seems to be easier, as younger people look up to older kids as role models. Has anyone ever watched Idocracy, life is so on that way.
  • Why is her sexuality your business? As long as she doesn't go any further until she is of age, & then practises safe sex, then you should be proud of her regardless of her sexuality. Keep communicating with her & let her feel like she can talk to you.
  • maybe she is just experimenting. she is at the age where she will be concerned with who she is, who she likes and all that. i think you need to sit down and talk about it, but dont do it in an embarrassing "mum way" that way you wont get anything out of her. just let her know either way that you support whatever decision she decides to make in life. because you will have to.
  • She is at the age where you start finding who you are. Sexual identity is part of the process. She will either discover she is gay, or that she is not. No big deal. I wouldn't interfere. Sexual experimentation is normal. Just make sure you talk to her about safe sex (to a 12 yr old level, of course). As a matter of fact, I didn't interfere with my daughter when she did the same. She found out she was hetero, and that is fine by me, as it would have been if she were gay. It's her life.
  • Females (at any age) are far more likely than males to experiment in this regard without concern or feel the need to identify as gay or straight She's a kid and will probably be straight. I would, however, encourage her to hang out with girls (or guys) her own age because a 15 year old is far more likely to be sexually active and could potential.y be manipulative.
  • just dont let the other girl come over then and talk to her parents about it

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