• Enter it into a graphing calculator. Then use the 2nd->calc function.
  • You mist find first the first derivative ( which is 2p+120 ) then find the extraction ( solution of the derivative ) and then solve 2p+120>0 , the function has vertex the image of the value in which the first derivative has vertex. ( You must find when the derivative is becoming from negative positive, at that value, replace it in the function and you will have it )
  • Graphic calculator? Madness, take the derivative ds/dp and set it equal to zero - that will give you the max point of the graph. ds/dp = -2p + 120 -2p + 120 = 0 2p = 120 p = 60 So the vertex - which is a maximum - will be at p=60,s=5000
  • 3-8-2017 That is a parabola. You can go to and type that into the dialog box to get every known fact about that figure.

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