• I heard about that. Cant believe it! It shouldn't have gotten out in the first place.
  • If it was still attacking id shoot it if not ill tranquilize it.
  • It had attacked already a year ago. It was laying near a dead man and charged a police officer. Sadly although I love tigers the answer appears to be yes.
  • Listening to the news this looks like someone climbed up and dangled their leg into the cage ..shoe and blood found inside the fence. Looks like he was being teased. If that is the case then the cat died for no valid reason.
  • Tranquillised. It was only following its nature.
  • Do you think they had time to find the tranqulizer and then wait 20 minutes for it to work while it continued to mangle one of the other boys? If you were in that situation I think you would have opted to save the lives of the humans, even though you wouldn't like to kill the tiger. I also heard that this is the first person killed in decades, if not ever, in a U.S. zoo. This was very, very unusual. Our zoos are pretty safe places for people and animals.
  • The local coverage of that indicated that specific tiger had almost torn off someone's arm a year they knew it had the propensity for harming humans. If it could not be contained properly (which obviously it was not), then you would always have the extreme danger of its doing exactly what it did. It killed one person and badly mauled two others, I believe. It has been declared a crime scene (or at least that was the case yesterday) so that means the authorities don't know exactly what happened. Unless you wanted to keep it tranquilized the rest of its life, I think the authorities did what they believed necessary at that moment. Guess when we find out the cause, we'll know more about the "shouldda/couldda/wouldda"! :(
  • Actually the Tiger charged at the police officers and rescue team when they were trying to reach an injured person, so they had no other choice but to shoot to kill it. I'm a Tiger lover and believe that the police had no other option. If they would have fired a tranquilizer it wouldn't have been imediatley effective and the tiger would have attacked the police and rescue team. Keep in mind this same tiger attacked a zoo keeper less than 2 years ago. With that happening they should have moved the tiger somewhere it couldn't possibly be givin the chance to escape and possibly harm another human being again.
  • I think there is a lot more to the story than what we are being told at the moment. I think the Tiger was taunted and coaxed into it's aggressive behavior. Other than that the cops has no choice. All that Tiger was doing is what tigers do.
  • I love Tigers, as I'm a huge cat lover...but they did what needed to be done.
  • I was watching Jack Hanna last night and he indicated that safety was the concern. And that tranquilizers take up to 15-20 minutes to take effect. So killing the animal was the correct course of action. Jack Hanna knows a lot about wild animals, so I agree. It's sad, but it was the probably the best thing to do.
  • I hate to think it, but I would say kill. The safety of people should be the main concern, not the safety of an animal.
  • I would hope they could tranquilized it and put it in a glass encloser like the ones in Vegas. If they can't do that then for safty reasons it would need to be put down.
  • Obviously, the zoo authorities didn't have much other choice in the heat of the moment but to kill it. However, I can't help but chuckle a little at the hypocrisy of trying to keep a wild animal in an enclosure 10 to 15 percent the size of it's natural territory, allowing people to parade past it all day, some of whom apparently are none too kind towards it, and expecting said wild animal *Not* to maul people at its first opportunity. I think ideally, the cat should have been tranquilized and relocated somewhere a little more appropriate, but hey, things can't always be ideal.
  • Tranquilized. Humans created this issue. The tiger should be allowed to live . . . somewhere!!!
  • I believe there is a reason that the Tiger escaped other than jumping an impossible high fence an crossing a moat. The rare tiger should have been tranquilized until further evidence is gathered as to what happened. To late now!
  • tranquilized without a doubt!!!, and the people who teased it should be charged and the fools who run the zoo should be sacked and charged ( well they knew the fence was to short so they put the tiger in harms way by not making sure it was safe by not being able to get out)and again the cops were always ready to shoot first then ask what?
  • No. It was doing what tigers do.
  • I don't blame the cat , and I can't blame the police officers. The police were on sight, and didn't have tranquilizers. That was the first reaspons. Had they had that choice I don't know? I heard that the tigar was aproaching them, and you aint going to drop the cat that quick with a tranquilizer before its on you or your partner. Sad!
  • tranquilized it

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