• Which one? I know the Fellowship of the Ring put me to sleep. The other two were alright, I suppose, but I'm not real big into movies anymore..
  • Yes I do! I was just having a discussion with my son about this movie tonight. We were trying to decide if Star Wars or Lord of The Rings was the best movie. We couldn't come to any conclusions because the two are so different. I'm partial to both. I stood in line for 4 to 6 hours to see the first Star Wars movie when it first came out. I was blown away by it. I also read The Hobbit when I was in High School and was in love with the story. When the movie came out, I was surprised to see how closely the images I had conjured up in my mind were reproduced on the big screen. I think my vote goes to The Lord of The Rings. Either way, I love the movie!
  • Yes, I liked all three, and I liked the books too. I rewatch and reread frequently
  • Yes and you better not be eyeing my precious now.
  • I might be to harsh a critic of the films, having read the books at least five times, maybe more, and at "emotional times" of my life. Yes. I am a geek. Having said that. I didn't like the first movie. I think they augmented scenes that should have been cut and cut scenes that should have been filled out. I didn't care for the casting, and I think they "dumbed it down" for mass consumption. Tolkein never used the phrase "Dwarf Tossing". Prior to the release of the second film, I accepted that this would be the best adaptation of the books in my lifetime, possibly ever, and settled it to accept and even enjoy them.
  • I love it!
  • so far i havent had a chance to watch the whole thing but that little bald headed creature with the big eyes sure is fuh-reeky!
  • My in-laws and I are purists. My sister-in-law and her husband walked out of the first one and never went back. I figured they were about as good as you were going to get in 6 or 7 hours. Frankly, I wished the series had been broken into 6 two-hour movies, not 3 (Tolkien wrote it as 6 books contained within the covers of three books), and this would DEFINITELY allow the producers to make it closer to the book. Tom Bombadil was blown out totally AGAIN, and in The Two Towers there's a ridiculously long scene added where Aragorn gets attacked by wargs and falls into a river. I mean, did they have to cut out ACTUAL scenes to insert something that didn't promote the plot at ALL? Anyway, that's my rant for today.
  • yes i love watching all 3
  • I've only seen the first movie and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, brilliant!
  • I watched them all. I didn't like them enough to want to rewatch them.
  • Which one? I liked all of them but Return of the King was my favorite.
  • Well actually, that was so damn boring. Well the third part actually had something interesting. But the first and the second parts were too boring for me.
  • Yes I do.
  • Yes, the Lord of the Rings was and still is my favourite movie ever since it came out.
  • Lord of the Rings is currently (and probably always will be) my most favorite-ist movies ever! i especially love the battle scenes ^_^. but it is true that they changed a lot from the books. It was like, 'Hi! Im Tom Bombadil!' 'We don't need you, sorry.' *POOF!* disappears. And Arwen never had that heroic Nazgul scene with green sickish frodo. but, all in all, I love all three of the movies.
  • No, I thought they were boring.

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