• Not if they're trained to use them as if they are non-lethal weapons. The way things are going, the opposite may be true.
  • For the most part I think so, but as with everything else, there are exceptions.
  • We trust them to use guns sensibly. If we don't let them use tasers, people will be shot and killed where they could have just been tasered.
  • I think they have gone taser happy. Many times they are used when it is not necessary.
  • In general, yes. Specifically, no. In certain situations I would be taser-happy too if I had one.
  • Apparently not...
  • cab police be trusted Period.
  • No. Cops really like the fact that they can essentially use them as torture devices as they are "non-lethal" - that is, unless you die! But seriously, cops can't be trusted to eat a ham sandwich properly. Why on earth would they use their tasers properly? You may ask, why then do cops have guns. It is scary that they do, however, as the ultimate expression of a cop's power, cops are usually pretty well trained with their guns. Except when they shoot innocent people from time to time, but hey, whatever keeps us safe.
  • With proper training, I feel so. Police have to be tasered themselves in order to be certified so that they understand what it feels like.
  • can police generally be trusted?
  • No. They can't even use flashlights sensibly.
  • since most police departments require the cops to be tasered before they can use them and go through training on proper use, unlike bounty hunters or security guards, i trust them to use them wisely. like any weapon used by any human, thing are occasionally going to go wrong. there's no way to predict that. bad cops illegally shoot their guns on occasion, are we going to take all their guns away? we mustn't do that with the tasers. they are a valuable tool that have saved lives.
  • They can be trusted to abuse them sadistically.
  • they are like bad dogs... they get a taste for blood and they get worse and worse in my opinion... i knew a kid from high-school that was tasered for no real reason other than the police enjoyed making themselves look and feel powerful
  • could you i wouldnt be it would be like an episode of jackass
  • Yes!! It is only for the sensationalism on the evening news that the extreme few are highlighted. By far, most police are highly honorable, at least on the job. Their personal lives are sometimes in shambles, though.
  • NO!!!!!!!!!
  • Sure. Here's your choices for being subdued: 1) Physical restraint, involving possible violent actions in the process which may lead to severe injuries. 2) Be shot, then restrained if you survive. 3) Get the sh*t tazered out of you, which doesn't leave lasting injuries or cause death. And before someone pops up here and says "TAZERS CAN SO KILL! DR, DR, DR, DR, DR!", they are FAR less likely to cause death or serious injury than a physical beating. Do some research into the R&D and testing that went into development of tazers. Heart specialists helped develop these things, so the medical community is quite well aware of the safety record behind them.
  • yes. In academy you are taught when to use what particular weapon and when they are needed or not needed.Believe it or not, cops do have rules and can get in trouble for using equipment improperly.
  • you would think so and most do but there has been too many incidences were they severely injury or even have killed people using them

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