• Lift = elevator
  • Jam-Jelly, Footpath-Sidewalk, Fore-head-forehead. There are so many I can't remember them all.
  • "Shag" is definitely one that has a different meaning here than in the UK. For us, it's a type of rug or a dance popular in the South, and for them it's ... well, something far different than carpet or dancing...maybe dancing while horizontal on the carpet?
  • For me, pants are knickers. In American English, pants = trousers.
  • I've heard that in Britain you enter a building on the "ground floor", and go up one flight of stairs to the "first floor", another to the "second floor", etc. In the US "ground floor" and "first floor" are synonymous.
  • Don't forget all the spelling deviations: flavour - flavor colour - color fibre - fiber etc etc
  • I have a small UK to USA dictionary. There are 40 pages of UK to USA and 39 pages of USA to UK. My favorites (my Mother was English and we have been to visit a few times) Chips =French Fries Crisps =Potato Chips Biscuits =cookies. Football =soccer
  • I'm always tickled by the difference between the American and British usage of the word "fanny".
  • CHips = french fries in USA. BUm = ass in UK. bonnett = car hood in UK. lift = elevator in UK.
  • wee - small pants - underwear boot - trunk queue - line
  • banger, fag, football, and lift/elevator.
  • The British live in flats and go on holiday, whereas Americans live in apartments and go on vacation. If it is a short trip they pack a hold-all, not an overnight bag, and if they drive to their destination they will put it in the boot of the car, not the trunk. British women don't carry purses, they carry bags, and instead of panties they wear knickers. Erm and um mean the same thing, and I think they may be pronounced the same as well. Couples have rows, not fights, and when they go shopping they queue up to pay, rather than wait in line. I read a lot of books by british authors, but maybe this is all rubbish. (crap)
  • there are many, many examples. apartment- flat argument-row baby carriage-pram band-aid-plaster bathroom-loo or WC can-tin chopped beef-mince cookie-biscuit corn-maize diaper-nappy elevator-lift eraser-rubber flashlight-torch fries-chips gas-petrol guy-bloke, chap highway-motorway (car) hood-bonnet jello-jelly jelly-conserve kerosene-paraffin lawyer-solicitor license plate-number plate line-queue mail-post motor home-caravan movie theater-cinema muffler-silencer napkin-serviette nothing-nought overpass-flyover pacifier-dummy pants-trousers parking lot-car park period-full stop pharmacist-chemist potato chips-crisps rent-hire sausage-banger sidewalk-pavement soccer-football sweater-jumper trash can-bin truck-lorry (car)trunk-boot vacation-holiday vest-waistcoat (car)windshield-windscreen zip code-postal code See these links:

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