• Yup. There are others, those are just two examples.
  • Maybe this will be helpful if you're having a problem playing videos on an mp3 player (in my case it was a Coby mp600-2g). I thought I had to convert the video files(WMV,for example) into MTV files? So I searched for software for doing this,... BUT I DIDN'T NEED TO!This is the answer I gave on another help site,... ....I had the same problem with playback of video with Coby mp600-2g, and it took a couple of weeks to figure it out. I wasted a lot of time installing video file converters, and trying to convert my wmv files to MTV,.... but it wasn't necessary! The Coby Media Manager software that comes with the device actually works for converting wmv files (for example) to mtv files. It's just a little confusing HOW IT WORKS! Unfortunately the 'Coby Media Manager User Guide' is very little help. The key really is 'Synchronizing' your video to your player! But there's a little organizing of your files to do before-hand, which makes it easier when you're ready to playback videos on your device. For me it was easier to separate my audio files from my movie files in the 'Device' tab of the Coby Media Manager. This was the 'F:' of the Device content (middle third of the manager window). I put the videos in the 'MOVIE.DIR folder'. But you can't synchronize the video here. You must click on the 'Movies' tab on the left side of the manager window. Under the Movies tab, go to 'Library',... (now it gets a little confusing),.... immediately under 'Library', there is a 'Folder',....but that only shows what you have selected by clicking on the 'Video Folder', which is located a little further down and slightly to the right. So you must make your selection ('Import' video files or folders), by clicking on the 'Video Folder'! When you click on this Video Folder, you'll open a selection box, which offers 6 options; -Documents -Music -Pictures -Videos -C: -F: If you select only 'Videos', it will automatically select 'C:', also. Which will import ALL of your videos from your C: If you select only 'F:', it will only import the videos which you have put (as I suggested earlier) in the 'MOVIE.DIR' folder at the 'Device' tab. NOW TO SYNCHRONIZE,....! (make sure you mp3 is connected to your computer). You might notice, that if the device (mp600) already contains a file, then there will be a small icon which looks like the mp3, next to the file, under the 'status' column. BUT that doesn't mean the mp3 will actually 'play' the video file. It must ALSO be 'Synchronized', :o). Once you've made it this far, Synchronizing is easy. Let's assume that you decided to Import all of the videos in C:, and F:, when you clicked on the 'Video Folder'. Now if you go back up to 'Folders', and click on it, ALL of your video files will be dislpayed. And the files which are already on your device will have the small 'mp3 icon' next to them. Also, when you clicked on 'Folders', additional sub- folders were displayed under the 'Folders' icon. The easy way to 'Synchronize', is to select the 'F:' folder, with a 'right click',... which gives you the synchronize option,... then clicking 'Synchronize' will synchronize-convert-copy all of the video files in the folder! Now, if you go back to the 'Device' tab and look at the video files, you'll see they have been to converted to mtv files! Now when you open your mp600 mp3), in order to listen to music or watch videos,... and you arrow to 'Movies', you'll be able to play your videos!!
  • if you want to convert videos then either buy a video converter or download a free version of the net. You may try this video converter, it can help you convert video , my friends recommend it to me, it's easy to use and works pretty well for me. Get video converter here:
  • Does your WMV video large? If not, you can use some online video converters. If it is large and you want to convert the files in batch, you can use Joyoshare Video Converter.

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