• Nah...if i am not driving i like being the front seat passenger
  • I try not to be, because I hate it when other people are. Sometimes, I do depending on who I'm riding with.
  • I am not,it is too hard to reach the steering wheel,and my arms are not long enough.
  • Back seat, shot gun, oncoming traffic, guy on the corner waiting for a bus driver critic. I hate people that can't and shouldn't be allowed to drive. And I freely point those mistakes to anyone willing to listen.
  • Sometimes. I love it when my husband drives because I would rather not although I am a good driver. I often regret that decision because I think he drives too fast and follows too closely. I often just shut my eyes or look away because I don't want to freak out every time he zooms up on someone. I have to admit that he has not had an accident in many years but I am unsure if it is skill or just 'dumb luck'. ;-)
  • Yes, I can be a pain, sometimes I jsut close my eyes or read a little to help keep my comments good. I will get better, promise.
  • Aboslutelu not. I will make a comment only if I feel the person is driving unsafely (too fast, for example). But I have a girlfriend who is and drives me crazy! She especially has the habit of telling you how to get to places even if you know perfectly well. If there are 2 different ways to get there, you HAVE to go her way. Arrrgh!!!
  • You bet!!!! And the passenger seat, standing outside the car, speaking on the cell phone kind driver. We have WAY too many stupid people behind the wheel today. I saw someone the other day. GRRRRRRRR!!! He turned in front of me (without a turn signal, I might add), while smoking a cigarette and talking on his cell phone. WTF!!! We are in machines that can kill when not used properly.
  • I try very hard not to say too much,unless I see something that could harm us.
  • I'm usually the one driving, so I guess not.
  • I would be called out on it in a second if I tried to say no... lol
  • Absolutely NOT.! I hate won't be one... unless...that person is in a serious need of direction.
  • YES that is why I insist on driving every time I go somewhere. I KNOW Taylor its hard for you to believe, I of all people would be some bossy back seat driver BUT what can I say I get in a car and seem to think I am an authority!! LOL
  • Nope and when I go anywhere with friends and coworkers I'm usually the one driving anyway.
  • No but im a back seat hump muffin

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