• If you have a computer, you can make money. Ebay is a very good way to turn items into cash. You can sell things you own, find or buy. You can sell things for other people and charge them a service fee to do it or sell on commission for them. If you are a craftsman, you can make and sell your goods there. The big advantage to Ebay is the buyer traffic. You can sell things through a website of your own, of course, but it takes time to develop a customer base and ready traffic through your site, so Ebay is an excellent starting point for people with entrepreneurial aspirations.
  • Please be very careful with dumpster diving. In our state it is illegal, and a friend of mine got arrested and charged with theft. Someone from the store saw him looking in the dumpsters and called the police. They totalled up everything he had taken out of the garbage which was around $900. He got charged with theft under $1000 which is a class A misdemenour.
  • Apply to your local government for a summer job, cutting grass throughout your city. Its temporary, but will put "decent" food in your mouth and could lead to a permanent governement position. You gotta start somewhere.

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