• you are stupid! that has nothing to do with anything! i dont know what you are thinking
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  • I would think because the hen would need a warmer enviornment to lay her eggs in, so that they can Incubate better. It would kind of be harder to fly with eggs developing, she would have to stop to ley them. There are birds that don't migrate though.
  • To get hot?
  • so that they can raise the chicks in a warm climate, teach them to fly and get grown before they have to migrate.
  • So they don't freeze their balls off. Trust me penguins would do the same if they could fly !!!!!
  • They don't fly south before they mate. They fly south to get away from the cold weather, usually with their mate. Then in the south they meet some lovely bird and do th courtship thing and then they fly north in the early spring and find a nice place to call their own and raise a family that spring, maybe even two towards the summer. Then when everyone is old enough for the trip or out on their own, everyone flies back to vacation for the winter time in the south. Some birds never leave for the winter though, preferring to stick it out and get first dibs on nesting:-)
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  • In the northern hemisphere they don't fly south to mate. They fly north to mate and then fly south to winter.
  • because they may be mating in that area or to leave for food and then to come back for the mating grounds the following year. Sometimes its as easy as they are not at the maturity level where they start mating. They look like an adult bird, but they have to wait a year or two before that area in their body is fully functioning.
  • Some birds don't fly anywhere to mate. In Australia, birds don't all migrate. Many have ranges where they stay their whole lives.
  • Cause the want a good ole southern meal and sit on a porch swing before they make that kind of trip ... apple pie with cheese tops it off ...

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