• It's smart to be honest about your personal description, if a bit general. Hair and eye color, length of fair, facial hair for gentlemen, short or tall, slim or stocky . want to play up your good points but without telling any lies so that if you do meet someone, they won't be disappointed in your appearance/integrity. An age range is also helpful if you don't care to be exact. The most important thing would be your interests, hobbies, a bit about your job--but again, not giving your workplace or specific job description or salary. If you are particularly devoted to something as religion, politics, animals, smoking, drinking, anything that you couldn't compromise, you should probably be up front about it without being rude. You definitely need to avoid giving your cell number, home number, any sort of telephone number or address until you've had a chance to meet the person. I would also avoid any family informatiion except to be honest about any children living at home. If you do agree to meet with the person, make sure it is in a public place the first time or two and that you drive yourself or have a friend bring you. It's not a bad idea to have a friend or two nearby in case the person does something to frighten you. Remember you have lots of time to develop a relationship, so you don't need to put all the information out there for anyone to see.
  • Be reticent about flatulence, snoring, and bromodosis Focus on things that you actually like to do as hobbies, and be upfront about whether you want an encounter or a relationship.

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