• I prefer NOT spending an entire month's salary on a handbag that's going to get tossed in the backseat of the car and dragged all over Creation. Thanks, though.
    • rooruu
      LOL. fine paint decorations with enamel and other 'hobby' like tricks could turn your ordinary hand bag into a very fashionable one. I'm not sure how it could be done, but I'm sure leather is leather regardless of brand. Adding some loop buckles might be more of an eye catcher?? Just changing out the handle of the bag can make a huge difference.. :)
    • rooruu Strap Length and Fit
    • rooruu
      a good idea for youths also...
    • rooruu
      Louis Vuitton if I am going to stay at some nice 5 star hotels and have some spending $$$
  • If I had to choose, VUITTON!!!! an older, more established name.......but with that kind of money, one could buy groceries for a month!!! but people will spend on what they want, right.......ALSO I deplore the fact that exotic animals are destroyed so some wealthy lady can stroll around with one on her arm!!!!!! but I digress.............
  • Neither, thanks!

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