• Sex and cold pizza and GREAT in the morning.
  • Definitely yes. And much like bad pizza... bad sex can leave you with a sour stomach ^_^
  • I don't think so. Bad sex without love or true intimacies leaves you feeling empty and lost. Not even bad pizza does that to me.
  • No. Pizza doesn't see you naked and you don't have to have uncomfy interactions with pizza after the fact.
  • It this case, it is also like yoghurt. And french fries. And hamburger. And goulash. And sandwiches. And green beans. And peanut butter. And garlic toast. And mashed potatoes. Happily, not all of them at the same time...
  • Unless you're a woman, then it's like Chinese food. Great if it's good, terrible if it's bad. Well, I'm just speaking for myself. It's like coffee...the difference between regular Arabica and decaf Robustica.

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