• because to him it sounds like you're not even giving him a chance.
  • Because it is juvenile and asinine to throw everyone with an XY chromosome combination into a generalized group with some jackass who insulted you at some point in your short life. Grow up.
  • Because men who are willing to treat women with dignity and respect (Yes, we do exist...;-D...) don't like being lumped in with all of the jerks in the world. Imagine if the situation were reversed and your new beau said "I like you, but I don't trust women because they're all [insert group generalization here]" How would you feel? I suspect you'd have a 'severe problem' with that attitude. I hope you find it in yourself to be able to trust again. Good luck.
  • Then there is no point in trying to go any further,Against that sort of "guilty before we know the crime" approach you will never be able to succeed. It is prejudice akin to racism: you're black so you must be lazy, you're a man so you must be untrustworthy, Any man who takes you on under such threats is going to be bad: either he believes he can overpower you, or he wants to be overpowered. Neither good for a relationship.
  • I wouldn't see much future in a relationship where I wasn't trusted as far as I could be thrown, so I would say I would have a major problem.
  • we can all be wrong.the truth is,if you cannot trust,chances are you cannot be trusted yourself.i don't mean this in any bad way but it is advise is to get rid of all the hurt and pain from the past and start living again. chances are the guy is just perfect for you.holding on to the past can seriously hinder this relationship.allow yourself to love and be loved again.
  • You cannot have a relationship without trust. It is unfair to not trust someone who has never given you reason to not trust them, based on your past experiences with other people. Trust is a major factor in a relationship. I understand keeping your eyes open and being aware of what is going on, but you shouldn't hold someone else's mistakes against him. He has every right to be upset over that. Would you want an employer to pay you less for being a woman, because in his experience women are lazier and do less work? That wouldn't be fair to you because you might not be the way those previous women had been. And whther you want to believe it or not, it's the same thing.
  • You cannot judge someone guilty just because he is a man...any more than you can judge someone just because they are gay or lesbian. That's how he he doesn't have a chance because he is a man. That is what you have told him.
  • does he know about the life you have lived? if he doesnt mabye you should sit down and have a talk. everyone says that you need trust... and it is true. but you need to talk about what has made you like this and mabye he can understand your point of view a bit better. if i was a man i would have a problem with this, but not a severe problem. but you shouldnt really blame all your men problems on one man. its not fair for him.
  • A relationship is BUILT of trust. And Untill you can trust you can NEVER love.TRUST doesn't mean that person will never do wrong but it does mean that you have faith that the wont.There are people you should NEVER Trust but your partner is NOT one of them. The Fact that you CANNOT TRUST him in the first place means you have no bussiness begining a relationship with him untill you can. WHY BE mad....what if he told you he could NEVER TRUST A WOMAN ??? And accused you of being just like the rest of them HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ? You are stereotyping MEN when woman Lie and cheat and decieve just as often. SO WHAT you had your heart broken who hasn't move on. Maybe the person you shouldn't trust is yourself for not making better descision with the people you TRUSTED Before. He Hasn't lived your life and you haven't lived his... How do you know there isn't underlying emotions built in him by not being trusted.Maybe if you can't TRUST ANYONE you SHOULD BE alone and stop playing with his feelings untill you get your self straight
  • Lisa, I think trust must be earned. What I would interpret by you saying this is that if you are a man, you could never earm my trust. Assuming that a meaningful relationship is based upon trust, you are saying that you could never have a meaningful relationship with a man. What is the motivator for him to develop a relationship with you?
  • because he is being 'tarred' with the same brush and being compared with SOMEONE ELSES faults and traits would you feel if say he all girls were untrustworthy gold digging two timing cows(remember he said ALL girls which include you) you would have your nose out of shape as well...and you bloody well know you would!...remember he is innocent ...untill he proves other wise and all he is asking is a fair go...I know you can if you allow your self to go on:)
  • I think you could do with a minor attitude adjustment... The man in this situation needs to calm down a bit and not take what is being said to heart, he probably feels that he is very trustworthy and it's taking it too personally. The woman in this situation needs to also calm down and understand that the untrustworthy men in this world are simply less developed as people... and although they might be untrustworthy now doesn't mean they wont change with time. Also how loyal we are as human beings purely relies on how spiritually developed we are (don't confuse this with being religious)... as people grow we become more reliable ;)
  • Yes that's insulting. First of all you entered into a relationship with you setting a rule that does not allow for relationship freedom or trust to build. You are placing conditions that will lead to failure of developing a bond. Why would you want to b/f to feel intimidated if he spoke to other women casually, or not be trusted on his own. What happened in your past life should be treated as an experience you need to build on so you don't have to live through that again. But it requires changing your perceptions and attitude to get yourself back on track. Think about it.
  • because despite whats happend to you with other men, HE has never given you reason to not trust him, he shouldn't have to pay for other mens bad behavior, give him a chance!!
  • I agree with what everybody else is saying in their answers with one exception. I know that if you have had issues in your life it is hard to go back to trust. I've been that way for quite some time now & it is just about impossible to trust. It just takes some time and work. Good luck.
  • The best way to answer that is how would you feel if a your fairly new boyfriend said that to you? If there is no trust there can be no love or relationship...period.
  • Would you be ok with him telling you I don't trust you once you leave my sight? That's what you said to him. It says to me that you have been hurt and your scars are affecting how you deal with anyone that may be in your future relationships. These men have nothing to do with the men that have been in your past. Trust is a fragile thing that must be developed and grown over time in knowing you to be strong. I think that's what you meant to say to him right? :)
  • No trust = no relationship. You can't punish him for what has happened to you in the past. He isn't the men/man who did something wrong to you.
  • You seem to be type-casting ALL men as being untrustworthy. That is obviously an untenable position, and I don't blame him for taking umbrage at it. Perhaps you should consider counseling to help you get over whatever it was that made you so cynical and untrusting.
  • A penis does not make one untrustworthy. When you point at one group and call them bad it generally does not go over well.
  • maybe he feels that he's not like all men...I think he should be given a change not all men are the same...sometimes u learn that the hard way...u might think all guys are the same and if you treat him differently because of your insecurity it might push him away
  • Not if you're much bigger then he is and he's a midget and you can actually throw him pretty far, if that's the case then he's just being sensitive.

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