• You can tell her that rebellion usually ends up hurting the person rebelling. If she wants to be mature and treated her age, then she needs to deal with things maturely. What will losing her virginity do? Make her father angry for a day or two and affect her for the rest of her life. Even with protection she could ge pregnant or catch a deadly STD. Is making her father mad worth that? If she has trouble adjusting to a new step-mother, then she needs to communicate her feelings to someone. This is not an uncommon situation and sometimes just talking about it with someone who can help can do wonders. Why make a bad decision that could end up hurting her? Ask her to think about it seriously. Good luck.
  • tell her....rebeling agianst her dad by losing her virginity will not help her situation...on to of could harm her physically and emotionally... it's not worth doing something of that magnitued to get even or get back at some one...her virginity is a special thing...once it's's gone... there is no going back... why give it away in spite...yes it will probally hurt her dad, but he will get over reality the only one losing is her... it's a big step in losing your virginity...DON'T JUMP HEAD LONG INTO IT...she realy does need to talk to her dad, and explain her feelings, yeah he might of got married to another person, but she is still his little girl and i'm sure he will listen... if that doesn't work then i don't know what to tell her, but losing her virginity in spite of him isn't the thing to do....that alone shows her immaturity and unreadiness to lose her virginity....tell her good luck for me...Michael out ^_^
  • Unless she is losing her virginity WITH her father....her plan will not affect him. She is displaying just how immature and unprepared she really is. Loss of virginity can be accomplished via horseback riding; it is NOT that significant an event. Your friend does not live in a vacuum. The world continues to rotate ... what if she gets an STD or gets pregnant or alienates her friends?
  • If she INSISTS on "getting back at her dad", at least do something that's not going to ruin her life on the way. There are other vengeful acts out there, why ruin your life to prove a point? In the end, she's just screwing herself over.
  • To do this will not get her any type of gain. But it may cause even a bigger lost to her.
  • you can also tell her friend that she will not only not accomplish anything by rebelling. she will for the most part be offending the one person she should be concerned about the most. this being the one that gave her life to begin with. he is the one she should be concerned about. the bible says that he is very real. this person being God Almighty, is very real. he knows of her existence. he wants her to be successful and make something of herself one day. he paid a very high price to ensure that she succeeds in life. he gave his son so that she can have a future. losing her virginity, which is a gift in itself, to be given to her future mate in marriage, would only accomplish one thing, which is to ruin a personal relationship we can all have with God. he expects her to live by his standards. just because we are disappointed with our parents because of the mistakes they may make does not excuse us or justify our actions of highly offending God.
  • Tell her that having sex carries a risk of pregnancy and STDs. Also, if you give it to the wrong person to get back at your dad; you will eventually regret it. It's her innocence that will be lost, not her dad's. Besides, if she does it and he finds out, won't he punish her?
  • These sites both have an article on losing your virginity. Inform yourself of the act and what your friend is about to get herself into so you can have a serious talk with her. Maybe you two can look at the articles together. And if you just tell her or try to persuade her not to do it she probably will. Try asking another question on here, like, "What do you remember the most when you lost your virginity.?" Then share those with her too. You can be supportive in whatever she does without condoning it.
  • She's 16 now. I'm bettin' the deed is done.

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