• That's a long time! Congratulations, Marlene.
  • How glorious an occasion!!! It's a big, NOT millstone! lol!!! I'm so happy you found each other. I know what it's like to have a special someone for that long. It just makes your life joyous!!! I'm very happy for you BOTH!!! BEE HAPPY!!!
  • Congratulations! I hope you and your hubby have many, more happy anniversaries.
  • Congratulationa to you both on your Silver Anniversary.
  • You have been married for a Quarter of a century... you're well on your way... :) Heres to 75 more years of a beautiful marraige.
  • Congratulations on a beautiful marriage and many many more to you and Eric!! Cheers...<raises my glass>!!
  • Hey M.Moon , Hey Eric Congratulations ! Here's wishing you many more happy and glorious years together !!!!!!
  • fantastic ...bloody brilliant...thats what can happen when two people give their hearts to each other to take care of and to cherrish them for ever more!!!!
  • Congrats on reaching 25yrs of marriage!!! Thats true love!:)
  • Happy 25th Anniversary Marlene ! Congratulations!
  • Whooooo hooo! Congratulations ! I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary to M Moon and Eric!!! Please accept my humble gift.
  • Happiest of Anniversaries for you both...I know I will be hearing from you next week with even better news:)
  • Congrats to the happy couple. May you have another 50 years(hopefully) of happy marital bliss.
  • M, you know I believe that Eric is a very lucky man - and how lucky are you that you have found him, the LOVE of your life! You are both an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here! Happy, happy Anniversary! Love and ((((BEAR HUGS))))) to you both!
  • wowzer... congratulations!
  • Eric leans over to Marlene for a needed kiss. With solemn eyes and heart pounding he begs the question. “Marlene, will you please have me, in sickness and in health?” “Will you be my glorious bride?”.. Marlene’s Reply. “It’ll be a cold day in Hell”. Wouldn’t you know it, It got down to -20 degrees Farenheit in Braemer, Aberdeenshire (UK)… That was close enough for Marlene. Marlene, with misty eyes, and a heart exploding with love for this young man (Who was wearing a polyester jump suit btw) pronounced her love to Eric for the world to hear. It was the “Yes" heard round the world. Other things that happened that year: Billy Joel scuffed himself in a motorcycle wreck Margaret Thatcher’s son got lost in the Sahara desert for 2 weeks Air Florida’s flight 90 crashes smack-dab into the Potomac River The Falklands War Spanish priest Juan Hernandez tries to stab Pope John Paul II with a bayonet.. (Now… I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure you can go straight to Hell for that) Ingrid Bergman dies :( In the midst of all of this strife, blossomed a love and a unity. This couple rose through the tough times, and appeared like a bright red rose contrasting snow, ice and mud. They left the strife behind by focusing on one another and carrying on. Love will indeed, see you through. M and E are proof. Some neat stuff happened in the world too! ALL 9 PLANETS LINED UP ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE SUN (I ain’t kidding) CD’s were released to the public. The emoticon was created. KNIGHT RIDER was on tv! “Yes Michael, we can jump the chasm… Hold on” The Commodore 64 comes out (Bet some of you don’t remember that!) Eric and Marlene listened to: The thriller album – Michael Jackson. Chicago 16 - Chicago H20 - Hall and Oates I can see Eric cruising home, listening to A-Ha “Take on Me” and envisioning his beautiful bride to be, greeting him… 25 beautiful years. Please do 25 more, and tell us how it was, so I don't have to make stuff up again. Happy anniversary!
  • Truly amazing, and inspiring - Congratulations!!!!
  • Congratulations!

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