• ... martial arts ... such as Tai Chi Chuan short young girls are often targetted to be victims, learning a system of self defense combined with the various health sciences within a good martial art system will not only help you get and stay fit and trim, but may also help to keep you safe ... the meditations will also help you get and keep a more logical control of your emotions, something many women lack the ability to do.
  • Why do you want to lose weight, 120 is a healthy weight for your height. Especially at 13 you should not be worried about being perfect. If you do some drastic dieting now you could have life long repercussions. If you are concerned about how you look, then why not try becoming more active?
  • Play a sport.
  • walk and run....twice a day. forty minute sessions. stay away from corn is in everything.
  • whatever you do dont diet, and dont stop eating!!! i went with my nutritionist today and he said that young girls who diet can damage their metabolism for the rest of ther lives. try playing sports, choose something you really enjoy so you can have fun at the same time. excersise is always the best answer!
  • excercise is ALLWAYS good, get off the computer and go out and play. What you should NOT do is concentrate on weight issues alone. Those skinny girls on TV look sickly to this man!
  • Eat better. Ditch all the sodas, junk food and all that crap. Walk when you can, exercise when you can, and don't under eat. When people under eat, they lose muscle, store fat, and that means their bodies don't keep muscle, and it becomes harder to lose fat, and easier to gain it.
  • beign 120 pounds for your height is close to overweight but not considered overweight. I'm 4'11 and weigh 100 pounds and i do not worry about it. So you could lose some weight but you should not weigh any less than 90 pounds.
  • your age and hight ..that is a normal and a good wieght....
  • Just eat right and exercise and your body will find it's own weight in time. Your body is not even close to grown yet and it's going through a lot of changes. Give it time.
  • just leave off little things. don't deprive yourself. what i mean is-have a hamburger but no cheese, or have ice cream but no chocolate sauce. you see what i mean?
  • maybe you should talk to a dietician, they can help you figure out a diet
  • just dont eat junk food and exercise more
  • The ONE and only person who should determine if, in fact, you sctually need to lose weight and if so how much. Start with your doctor and ask to speak with a nutritionist.
  • Don't worry, things will even out in the next few years!
  • Every morning if possible, go for a 30 minute walk (all weather) and then have one or two oranges, or apples, bananas or berries then wait at least 30 minutes before eating anything else. Also I keep fresh fruit with me when I have hunger. This pattern has me eating only when I'm hungry, not necessarily because it is a meal time. Perhaps this may work for you.

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