• No one could do that.
  • In my own words? Or can I quote the Bible?
  • I will not convince you, nor force you to believe in God. This is only because there is not exact evidence to prove that he does exist. You choose if God is real or not, to believe, or not to believe.
  • I'll give "you" a hundred or more to convince me he's not.
  • Good & Evil - Light & Darkness - Love & Hate - Peace & War, also Intelligence, Instinct, Nature, the planet - Could NOT of happened by chance, mathmatically impossible, a VERY POWERFUL God designed & created it ! Think & Ponder ! HE is real !
  • Oh yeah, he's real. He's real like santa-claus is. So yahweh is as real as zeus, allah, loki, ra, mithra, ahura mazda, dianna, hern, hermes, sol, shiva, vishnu, kali, anubis, jupiter, taranis, toutatis, vulcan, neptune, aphrodite, venus, apollo, darth vader....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      oh come on, darth vader was real at least!! :|
  • No, I would not even bother trying.
  • God does not have to be proven because he is too obvious. Why don't you convince us that you are real?? Did you create 140 billion galaxies? I don't think so.
  • You either believe he exists or you don't. No amount of persuasion or argumentation or logic will ever convince you. Belief is a decision of the heart, which the mind then tries to make sense of.
  • we always debate whether chicken came first or egg came first, either way who put it here on earth initially? who created earth? maybe scientifically u can say so and so happened, thus earth came into creation, but who initiated all these happenings?? GOD! ;) no other way to explain!
  • "Know that I am" -He said it best. "As for you, I know that you don't exist." ME. Get a life and believe.
  • You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. The Bible has more than 50 words. So do science magazines. Try both.
  • since no one else will do it.. alright here we go this is my attempt, hope you enjoy NATURE - there is no need for most things we experience in life like colour. Why do we have colour? It's definitely not needed to live nor is it beneficial to humanity in anyway - it's just plain pretty. Why are there so many kinds of flowers? bees could get by with just a colourless scentless blob of a thing but instead we find ourselves looking at fields of beautiful diverse plants. Feelings - again there is no need for feelings...if there is no god then all we would be here for is procreating and to keep the human race need for love, happiness, sadness, jealously, rage....infact it only makes our changes of existence worse Evolution - the fact that evolution exists and how it works is proof god exists in its self. if there is no god and evolution is it then why is it that trees have not grown spikes or poisons to stop us from killing them and taking their fruit/seeds/whatever...if it really is survival of the fittest here then humans would be long extinct...the world would start fighting back like in happening haha. If there was no god the bears, being far more superior to humans, would maul all of our faces off and rule the world. Yet despite our blatant disrespect of nature.. Earth has not fought back. Now forgive me if the answer is unclear or whatever because the facts are it's almost 3 in the morning and i'm tired as hell but anyways there you go idk if it's fifty words, feel free to count, good day.
  • The way I could best describe it is as follows, take for one that little inner voice in your head that tells you I shouldn't do this or that..Take the emotions that we experience, the senses we are born with, when you feel so strongly about something that you feel like your going to come out of yourself..I believe that thats him inside us, his creation made in his own image..take current events, look at whats going on in the world, almost everything that is happening has a relationship to the Bible and its predictions. Look at the way people in the world grasp at things they never seem to be satisfied to get..Greed, sex, power, drinking themselves to death..these are all things we do when we don't have a close relationship with him..why??? because we were created to love and have a relationship with him..we do these things to make up for not having him in our lives, how many people are lost??depressed??finding themselves?? because we aren't seeing it..look at all the consequenses happening to us as humans for overdulging in's, infidelity-broken family the more we accept disrespecting him and his laws, look at the divorse rate, why..maybe its because we as humans turned our back on God..marriage is no longer accepted to be till death do us part..its valued as a piece of paper..No one is perfect, but the value of our lives means nothing without him..besides, what harm is it to abide by the rules he asks of us. Any one can see that it is moral and just..He set forth these rules..only God could have done that, just think how the world would be if everyone lived like this. Think of all the problems it would solve..thats what he intended..all of us to live, love, and help each other.. 2000 years later there is still hope. I'm not an expert but it seems people who seek him find the truth, most of the time he's seeking you, you just have to let him..
  • I refuse to waste my time. He/She/It isn't.
  • Uh huh...
  • what makes you think that i need 50?
  • why...its your problem.. i already believe...good luck
  • God can do that for you himself. He said in Jeremiah 33:3 CALL ME AND I WILL ANSWER THEE AND SHOEW THEE GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS THOU KNOWEST NOT You are brave enough to dare us, Call on the Lord God himself.
  • Faith is believing without justifiable evidence.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      wow. spoken like a master con man.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      No, it's a definition.
  • We can agree that there is evil in the world, right? Since there is evil, there is good, and a standard/rule/law to determine one from the other. In order to enforce the law of this magnitude necessitates a power of galactic power, and that power is God.
  • I could suggest it to you in just a few: Believe, try Him, press into it and know it's not going anywhere, we are! You must first put your staff in the water, or simply, take that first step. He's got you, but first you must take step of faith. If your heart will not allow a belief to manifest, it won't. It's in the heart man, come on, let's do this!
  • puppies
    • Mr PantsFellDown
  • I AM. You and me, are not.
  • If that were possible, there wouldn't be aa Atheist category here.
  • Not really. But how about the Bible in 50 words: God made. Adam bit. Noah arked. Abraham split. Joseph ruled. Jacob fooled. Bush talked. Moses balked. Pharaoh plagued. People walked. Sea divided. Tablets guided. Promise landed. Saul freaked. David peeked. Prophets warned. Jesus born. God Walked. Love talked. Anger crucified. Hope died. Love rose. Spirit flamed. Word spread. God remained. For the whole Bible see: With love in Christ.
  • lol, well I cant, plain and simple, it defies logic.
  • Are you sure you don't mean 50 words or less? It doesn't take that many words to say "He's not so don't worry about it."
  • Immanual Kant put it in one sentence. "the starry heavens above and the moral law within." At some point back in time, go back as far as you may. You will find the universe had a beginning. Where did it come from? At some point it had to go from immaterial to material. So we have three options. 1) It has always been. (This is impossible due to the laws of thermodynamics, basically stating this universe is like a wound up clock and is now ticking down.) 2) It just happened. Doesn't matter. (philisophically impossible, nothing x nobody = everything, that makes perfect sense)Scientifically this is impossible because there are over 15 constants necessary for life to exist such as light, space, time, matter, gravity...etc. that are so precise it is difficult to say they came around on their own. 3)An all-powerful God outside time and space created it. The moral law within. in romans 1:18-21 indicates God has placed a moral law within all of mankinds heart. No matter where you go you will find it is wrong to steal, to kill, to rape, etc. And even though people say "what's right for me may not be right for you." if I were to say "I enjoy killing babies", they would instantly say "that's wrong." How do they know that is wrong? just something to get yah thinking. there have been books written on the subject. so enjoy.
  • The only person that can do that is God... and in that case the words wouldn't matter quite so much.
  • 500 words would not convince you nor would 5 thousand or 5 million. Only thing to awaken/convince you is for you to have a direct experience of God. God exists within you as you take a look without Ego and everything is clear
  • You're not that special, buttercup.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      the way you just spoke to someone genuinely searching for answers WAS AS NON CHRISTIAN A RESPONSE AS ONE COULD MUSTER...but sadly, most Christians are mean like that I notice. It is part of why christianity started dying 40 yer sago now.
  • That HE wants to communicate with him... (Mark 9:7) And a cloud formed, overshadowing them, and a voice came out of the cloud:
  • God is real because brainwashed people say so, and people on TV begging for money. What more do you need for proof? Yeesh!
    • notyouraveragedummy
      I think Mr. Pants is the brainwashed one!
  • You're not that special, buttercup.
  • In 50 words or more convince me that god is real.... The answer leads to a question; Do you really want to be convinced?
  • I don't have to prove it, just look around you and see the wonderful things He made and the beauty of it all.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I see little children suffering from diseases because they don't have access to clean drinking water. I see schools being blown up because of unnecessary wars. I see teenagers going and shooting up elementary schools for no explainable reason. Did God make all of those things I see, too?
    • Thinker
      Don't forget there is a Satan the devil also.
  • The belief in God, as well as the strong belief that there is no God, stems from dogma. Dogma cannot be conveyed in 50 words or less from one person to another; it is indoctrinated over the course of several weeks or maybe many years. I was so indoctrinated by regular church attendance from long before I could remember anything until I was 19 years old. I went to a religious school for primary and secondary school. I read the entire Bible, debated the nuances of the dogma around Southern Baptist rites and rules, and even volunteered at the church to spread the religion. It all came crashing down when my family was disinvited from the church after decades of membership all over my mom's practice of yoga for physical fitness. Once they found out I had trained myself in Aikido, I was also persona non-grata there. My training had no basis in eastern religion whatsoever. Honestly, though, even for about 3-4 years prior to that, I had been questioning some of the weird nonsensical things in the Bible, but that event was when I really started questioning the religion at its most elementary philosophy. I explored Islam (growing up in Detroit, Islam was the religion of a very large portion of the populace), and saw many of the same flaws. I tried learning about Buddhism, but it never grabbed me either. I think it's all got to be a bunch of hogwash that people made up over the years to try to control other people. Full stop. The problem is that if there was a God and He wanted us to know about Him, He wouldn't be so sketchy about only telling one or two specific people about Himself thousands (or even hundreds) of years ago, whilst allowing other specific people to make competing claims about false versions of Him to other people. That just doesn't make any sense, and it's right down to a level of logic so fundamental to everything, that I just can't believe any of it. So, in many ways, my dogmatic belief in atheism is a direct result of decades of dogmatic indoctrination into Christianity, followed by years of philosophical exploration into other just as dogmatic philosophies, all of which failed miserably to win me over.
  • Against all odds the Jewish people have not been wiped off the face of the Earth and the nation of Israel was reborn in a day as prophesied by Isaiah on the exact day prophesied by Ezekiel. Less than 50 words. Of course these words will not convince you as it is up to you to the effort to find out if it is true or not. Furthermore Daniel is given and writes the exact day that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem being received as the Messiah and the King as prophesied by Zechariah. Take a little effort and find out for yourself it is true or not and learn not only does God exist but who that God truly is.
  • No thanks.
  • Throughout history we have always had the language of science, and the language of the mystic. Science studies the physical realm, mystics spend their lives trying to put into words what they have experienced beyond the veil of the physical.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      This is so true. Science tends to completely fall apart when it tries to explain anything in the "metaphysical realm," and likewise, religious texts that have historically tried to explain scientific things have generally been later proven to have been laughably wrong about it. It's best for everyone for each of these disciplines to remain in their lanes as much as possible.

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