• Wow! what a question. NO! You will not be a loser if you don't have any 'experience'. Sex is not like a job where having done it qualifies you. Sex is such a beautiful thing and should be given to the person whom you truly truly love and that person who loves you. I know so many girls who have more emotional problems now regretting the fact they gave away their virginity.. just because societal pressure tells them they should. I think you should talk to your parents.. they sound like they have your best interests at heart. My advice would be to concentrate on your schooling, get great grades, go to college (if this is your desire) and get a great education in the field that will carry you through life. Don't let this issue cloud your vision.
  • Just be proud of who and what you are and I am sure you will be fine. I wish you well (((hugs)))
  • Having a boyfriend does not make or break high school. High school is about spending time with your friends, participating in activities and doing your schoolwork so you can get into college. Besides, dating someone in high school may lead you to not dating anyone new in college because you are comfortable with the first person. It's ok to just have casual friendships with guys too, these are more important in the long-run anyway. Good luck!
  • You will be fine. Right now because you are in High School it seems like it is the entire world. When you get to college you will find that high school really doesn't matter socially (regardless of what your HS friends tell you) College is far more important socially. You will be with people who don't care who or what you were in HS. You have a chance to take a deep breath and adjust or decide for real who you are and make necessary changes. Don't worry about HS. You will soon see that it really doesn't matter other than to get the grades necessary to join college in the first place. It is there where you discover who you are. It is there others will discover who you are and judge you accordingly at that level. Don't rush it. Don't stress. Concentrate on school for now.
  • Being a lose who has never had an official boyfriend myself at 17, I'm going to say yes.
  • It depends on who you hang out with but, over here at least, people in tertiary institutions are much more mature than high school students and likely won't disrespect you for it. You'll probably survive high school without a partner emotionally - because you're an independent human being - but God knows it hurt me a bit at times. I know saying this isn't going to make any difference, but it really isn't the place of your parents to place restrictions like this on you. At fifteen, you're a sexually mature human being and you have needs and desires like everyone else. Good luck.
  • CG - I never dated in high school and I turned out OK (well, OK...maybe I'm not the best example...;-D..). There will be some tough times because your hormones are raging, your brain is still developing and your neurochemistry is a bit wacky (all these things are what make teenagers teenagers). But you will survive it. As for the college dating scene, I don't recall "How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in High School?" being a common question or criterion for dates. History and statistics indicate that whether or not you have a boyfriend in high school will have minimal influence on the person you ultimately turn out to be. Good luck. . . .
  • no. and you absolutely and totally will survive high school as long as you have good friends and are happy with yourself and the choices you make. I have a friend, she's 16, who has little to no experience with boys and she's honestly one of the happiest, most well adjusted people i know. she's incredibly confident, self assured and (dare i say it) popular. don't feel pressurised to be the 'perfect teenager' everyone is different and it feels weird me saying this as i'm only a year older than you but your time will come. :)
  • Don't give into peer pressure; get your education and become what you want to be. After that, you have your whole life ahead of you to pick and choose any guy you want.
  • I'm a year older than you and am in the same kind of boat *I've never really had any experiences with the opposite sex *im a guy btw** and i can tell that to my friends i'm not a loser, actually my friends actually look up to me because i am intelligent and helpful. take it from me, anybody who calls you a loser cause you haven't had any kind of opposite sex experience is not worth you're time. You should just try to focus on getting through your school years, try and make friends who don't care so much about if you are active with the opposite sex or not
  • we are like the exactly same... im starting to wondering if yr a kickassly amazing asian as well... jk... anyways.. i don really make a big deal outta it.. high school romances are mostly stupid anyways, if anyone thinks your a loser because of that, you should neither really consider hang out with the right people or have more confidence, cause it really shows. if you are not so self-conscious about it, you can just be cool in your own way, and people will respect that. so don let it get to you... yuppp...
  • Find some Catholics or Mormons to hang out with. And from an emotional standpoint, nobody survives high school. :)
  • Let's just talk about experience generally. Experience at having done something once makes it easier for you to do the same thing again. Lack of experience tends to make you more vulnerable to falling for scams.
  • I have to point out that handling situations on your own without always running to somebody else to cry on his shoulder or try to get him to make you feel better, etc., is ALSO experience.
  • ah 15 is too young for that stuff anyways. Kids grow up too fast. High school boyfriends suck so dont get one. Go to college and have fun and be careful. Dont worry you're doing great. Good Luck
  • I didn't date either until I was 19 and in the Navy. It wasn't that I didn't want to, merely that I didn't find anybody. No, but there are people who will always find a reason to think you are a loser regardless of your relationship status. Survive? Of course! High school is a little traumatic as you are making the change from kid who always had mommy and daddy butting in whether you like it or not into an adult who will have to assume responsibilities. In a small handful of years, you will have to go out into the world on your own. In time you will realize that there are FAR more important things than other people's opinions of you. Until then just hang in there :)
  • It's possible to have a boyfreind without your parents knowing and it makes it more fun.but it does'nt matter if you dont lots of people dont have relationships in high school it's up to you to decide if you want a relationship most importantly dont let your parents views get in the way of what you want,the best advice i can give you is do what makes you feel happy.I'm sure you'll survive high school and college whatever you decide.
  • I just turned 16 six days ago and I haven't even kissed a guy yet. I know you might feel left behind but trust me it seems like everybody else is too far ahead. When I was 12, holding hands was concidered "gross" or "lovey dovey". These days kids have no problems snogging or talking openly about sexual things. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD??? But anyways, try to worry. I know it's easier said than done but not having any experience shows some dignity and that you aren't 'easy' or a 'skank'. Good on you!
  • Hell no it doesn't effect you i didn't get my very first bf until i was 18 9 months ago. the only thing that matter is what you think of yourself. and guy don't care about the past.
  • Liston to your parents.
  • a lot can happen in high school. i didnt think i would get a bf at the begining but look at me now i have a bf anf i'm16, and no my parents dont allow me to have a bf, u will not be a loser unless ur french, for some odd reason the french always lose.... anyway dont worry about it ur time will come
  • i just got finished freshman year alot revolves around sex but nit everthing just dont talk about it and it wont come up alot and if ut does make up an excuse and go somewhere else
  • You're at a tough age. Your getting conflicting information from everyone and your body is betraying your mind. It will turn out alright. You'll know when to follow through. Everybody survives this.
  • Don't be discouraged and don't worry. You will be just fine and if you are a virgin when you get married, so much the better!

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