• Yeah, I was 12 years old and his name was Derek. I saw him many years later and he was still gorgeous. He was way out of my league.
  • Sure. But don't be shy you can tell me ;)
  • Ahem, ok, so the cats out of the bag, i just knew you had 'feelings' for come on.. out with it!!! LOL
  • Yeaaaa... my sad story's always the same.... I dunno why I'm so expressive about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING... and sometimes even loud!! But sooooo shy about that... In fact, I have NEVER expressed my feelings for ANYONE I had a crush on... and I've had more than a few... ...and I've been single forever... lol I'm pathetic...
  • Chh. it's called "all of elementary and middle school." i never told ANYONE I liked them until my sophomore year in high school. it wasn't so much that i didn't think they felt the same, although i sometimes thought that, i was just petrified of it. but that first guy i DID tell, it never worked out with him, but i felt SO much better. he didn't just shoot me down and for that i'll be eternally grateful. it really gave me confidence later on.
  • Yeah...I get those a lot. They're really a pain.
  • I was like that for a couple of months with my current gf :P then one night at a barn dance (go West Country traditions! :P) we got together, and life has never been so good :D I love you Rowan! (In the off chance you ever read this :P)
  • Yes. I'm sure that's happened more than once if I really think about it.
  • Haven't we all?
  • Oh yeah...all of the time.
  • Yeah. Right now actually... :(
  • Interestingly, I always end up doing something which makes my crush come close. Even if we never do date, I think the power of positive thinking attracts them to me. It's only the negative thoughts I've been fitting in the past few years which I guess has prevented me from being with that guy. Like now, I like a particular guy who I met last year. There really was a very VERY slim chance of me getting a job which would allow me to see him again, BUT as things turned out, I'm working alongside him now and see him pretty much every day and talk some! So, will see how things go...I have very strong feelings for him so, mmmmmmmmmmmm....
  • Don't do that/ Out with it. This is the 21st century. Speak up. Opportunity knocks but once.
  • Story of my life right there
  • Kidding?

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