• apparently your bio-dad is an ass. if he doesnt want kids he should get cut. end of story. if he has changed his mind about kids then i suppose its good that he is going to have one. how is your relationship with your bio-parents? i probably wouldnt feel great in your situation.
  • I don't know my own bio father, and I don't want to hear from him for those reasons. Such horror stories.... So sorry to hear you're in such a place right now. Just love your life for the +++ sides, don't care for that guy. I can't believe people who don't care for human lives like this guy. That one better learn the use of a condom soon... or else he's going to wreck many other children's lives. He's a terrible father and should not have kids, and therefore should TAKE THE MEANS not to have any. Big kisses and a hug hun, it mustn't be easy to hear that. Makes me upset just to hear it even if it doesn't concern me directly (but it somehow does...) :)
  • I realize this situation has much potential to cause hurt, anger and resentment..which I think is understandable on your part. A long time has passed by and perhaps he has many regrets at the loss of you from his life and simply doesn't want to make the same mistake again. I think it would be a good idea to approach him and talk this over with him.. there may be much more to his decisions than what you currently know. I hope it works out okay for you (((luv'n'hugs)))
  • I would get my biological self together,kick my biological parents in the backside and go my own way,you are worth more than to be treated like this,find your own feet and use them,your parents are not to be helped,but at least youve learned one thing,how not to take life so easy and thoughtless
  • Well, I know how you feel- mostly. My birth mother had kids before she had me- with a different guy than my father. They got divorced and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me but was a "mother" to the other two kids. It is similar because it feels like someone thought we weren't good enough, but now this other/new person is. That hurts alot. Any time my half brother or sister contact me and tell me about my birth mother I feel a little sick to my stomach. How is it that she could mother those people but not me? It's hard to understand or to fathom, but the only way I know to deal with it is this: Why would I want someone in my life that would hurt someone like they did and are doing? Someone who could just disregard their own kid's feelings like that, I don't really want in my life. That's the only way I know how to deal with it. You don't deserve that pain, and I don't think I do either. I'm sorry you have to go through this- you will get though this, and it will get easier with time. Good luck.
  • I'd like to echo sweet charm's thoughts, Jackie Marie. Although your father's attitude was deplorable at the time, he may have had a change of heart as far as children are concerned, and he may have many regrets regarding you. Whatever you decide to do in your approach to him, you must be strong and overcome this pain you feel, otherwise it could cloud your outlook for the rest of your life; I'm sure you wouldn't want that. I wish you all the very best, sweetheart :) ♥(((hugs)))♥
  • There shouldn't be any question of how you should feel. What matters is how you do feel. It sounds to me as though you would be better off without input from either of your bio parents as they seem to have little regard for you as person and no-one needs that. All the best in dealing with the current situation and getting into a better one.
  • If you know why you are shocked, you'll know how you should feel. It's all about the way you think. In life, there are always many blessings in disguise...
  • Likely he still don't want kids, and will be miserable because he let the wife nag or trick him into it. Consider it your karmic revenge?

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