• Both. He obviously knew what he was doing. How on earth could someone who wasn't brilliant make a whole nation of predominantly good people believe his evil lies? :(
  • definitely both. if he wasnt a genius he could not have conceived the idea of blitzkreig and used it so successfully against poland and later france, i think the quick defeat of both nations shows he certainly had talent. however i must say his genius quickly deteriorated considering he decided on operation barbarossa which was a totally pointless exercise and had he read his history, he wouldve decided against it. he was also a "demon" because of his racial views which was probably exacerbated due to drug use and usage of other substances including bulgarian peasant faeces.
  • Both. I went to Austchvitz and witnessed exactly what he had done to people in concentration camps; he was an absolute genious yet a complete and utter heartless monster. I wasnt taken prisoner of course...just had a tour round the place :p
  • I don't think he was evil, actually. I think he was virtually dead inside. He had the soul of a maggot. And, he had some really f'ed up beliefs and craved power like no other.
  • Not a military genius. He made some clever military decisions but they were almost "beginners luck". Such as the ordering of the panzer divisions through the Arden - only a man not trained in "classic" military tactics would have done that as it flew in the face of conventional wisdom. He made some appalling military moves though. Number one was don't attack Russia. And NEVER attack Russia with a winter approaching. He also allowed the British troops to escape at Dunkirk, another mistake whether that was a military mistake or a political one. Hitler was however a genius at politics. As an orator he was simply unmatched for his time. He used fear and hatred to build a power base and took a country from the depths of economic ruin to controlling Europe in a matter of years. So for those and other reasons he wasn't so much a military genius as a political genius. And he was not a demon. We must not do this. Hitler was not a devil, or possessed by Satan or anything of the sort. He was a man, a human being that undertook the most unspeakable acts. But he was a human, humans did this to each other. We must not demonise the man we must recognise he was a man and that any other man or woman may be capable of the same deeds. I fear to call him a demon makes it "God's" responsibility whereas it is the responsibility of all of us to stop people like Hitler in the future.
  • He wasn't a miliary genius. He was a political genius. He made a lot of military mistakes. He might have won the war had he let people like Rommel run the military, but, because he was an evil despot, he had to try and run it all. Was he a demon? No, he was a man, but he was almost certainly possessed by demons.
  • Demon, yes. But he was a military moron. He had brilliant generals, but he undercut them at every turn. The attack on Russia in October 1940 was the most moronic thing he ever did. It was over the heads of all his generals' advice. It was the generals who finally tried to kill him. Amazingly, this monster escaped all attempts on his life. The bomb that was to kill him killed everyone else in the room *except* him. Go figure. When he was a soldier in WWI, he was one of six out of his entire company to survive. He had been wounded twice. Some things in history cannot be explained with logic.
  • He was evil. An evil moron too. Agree with Tinkerbell, you don't need a devil to be evil, only to be a moneygrubbing idiot obsessed with power. He was a fairly good talker, or at least, he knew what to tell to his followers to get their loyality, or what promise to get funds, but these are the very same things a less evil politician can do nowadays. Only, he wouldn't kill millions of people to give them the blame of his own mistakes. The Blitzkrieg thing was a fairly good concept once, against a small and underfunded state, if compared to Germany, but then he just led war as a 8yr toddler would lead a Risiko game. He kept open too many fronts, the European one, the African one, and allied with the Italy who sent people in Russia during winter (like shooting themselves in the head, only more painful). The whole Axis hadn't half the military power of the Allies, and people like Rommel were left alone to decide while Hitler was filming propaganda shots with the Riefenstal, or making capital decisions for dumb reasons, like launching the whole U-Boat thing because the general in charge felt life under the seas would improve the military disposition of sailors. We all saw what happened with the U-Boats, what happened when the Afrika Korps started bombing wooden fake american bases, when the Italian Army was left freezing in Russia, and what German people started realizing that even without Jews, they were starving the same way...
  • He was a military genius but ofcourse he didn't have a soft heart!
  • He was a military idiot "and" demon.
  • He was a lunatic false prophet possesed with multiple demons. My 2 cents.
  • he was a genius who went mad.
  • Adolf Hitler was neither, Hitler was not smarter than his general's, but what he was really good at was selling his ideas to the masses, he would not have come to power if it weren't for his refined skills as an Orator. He could sell hope to a dying man, and that is exactly what he did, when he sold hope to a dying country that was bankrupt by the treaty of Versailles,He came to power to sell the german people that they were owed their fair share of the world. Hitler came up with Blitz Kreig with the help of Heinz Gredarian, and Field Marshal Mannstein, and Herman Goring, Hitler did not come up with the idea of Blitz Kreig alone, and it was worked as long as all the components were in place. Was he a demon? no, was he evil? yes, think of this and it is very much minimized by what had happend during world war two and the fact being that there would have been no world war two, if it weren't for the humiliating conditions set upon the backs of germany alone. With that being said if the total cost of world war one on the backs of germany by itself were not imposed, chances are the Austrian Corporal would probably not have come to power, and he probably would have gone to Art school in Vienna
  • Well, he was certainly a very, very evil person. And military genius? Well.. *cough*Russia*cough* I don't think so, but he had some brilliant generals
  • The proper term is sociopath.
  • Since you used the word "demon", I will assume your question to be in the context of Christianity. I'm no biblical scholor, but I do remember reading in one of the beginning books about angels leaving their natural place of habitation and comming down to earth to live among men. People may know this as "Nephalem". What I read was that they taught mankind secret knowledge concerning the arts, magic, and more to your question, warfare. Apparently the fallen angels were punished and are "bound" until the day of judgement. It is interesting though that, such an explosion of technological innovation (the likes of which the world had never seen) came out of Nazi Germany in such a very short time. I've wondered if perhaps this was due to demonic assistance, just like in days prior. I saw a story once that examined this issue and the scientists interviewed said that the rate of innovation comming out of Germany at that time was actually, scientifically impossible. Moore's law hyper accellerated. Finally, who does the devil most hate among all humans? The Jewish people of course, because they are God's chosen, Jesus was after all a hebrew. Seems to me that Satan would go the extra mile and perhaps send some of his boys to help out in an effort like that, killings jews that is. Hitler a demon himself? I don't think so. Satan's number one favorite of the time, defininately. Extra help included.
  • i have the reason to believe that hitler was definitely under demonic possesion. he was even prophecized by nostradamus, the most accurate prophet of the ages who predicted 911, katrina and so on. it was written in history before it even happened, look it up, and it says, that this strange leaders fate will be unknown, and they do not know if he died or if he escaped, and there was not enough evidence to prove if he was dead nor alive. sometimes you must understand that the devils minions can be human that truth must be faced.

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