• Because we need to do something with all those pennies.+
  • Good question. I believe it is because if they charge you the most rounded price, like instead of $2.99 its $3 then you would have to pay that next dollars tax and companies will get more business that way if they keep it a penny less, am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • When buying a car, $19,999 sounds better than $20,000, even though the difference is only a dollar...
  • Psychological effect. 99 cents sounds cheaper than $1.00 99 cents you only need coins, one dollar you already need a bill, that's what they wanna make you believe.
  • 10-3-2017 They tell me it was the idea of a newspaper publisher in Chicago a long time ago. Newspapers cost two cents then, and they weren't selling well because most store owners rounded prices up and there just weren't many pennies available. So the publisher told his advertisers they had to lower their prices by a penny. That would assure that every sale would produce some pennies in change and then people would have pennies to buy newspapers. The country has had that habit ever since.
    • mushroom
      Does that also apply to the 9/10? price of gasoline?
    • Jewels Vern
      I have no information about that. If it makes any sense to someone, they don't talk about it.

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