• Yes. I had a doctor tell me that I had cancer and he needed me in surgery the next morning. Wasnt prepared for that one.
  • Yes. I had a doctor say I was in a 'downward spiral' in terms of health. It was a wake-up call.
  • Yes, he told me I need to loose 20 pounds.
  • Yes I had a mole that he told me was found cancerous after I had it removed...Happy ending so far that was ten years ago...
  • I have a great Dr. with a great sense of humor. I was awaiting the results from some tests on my heart, and the nurse brings in a folder. My Dr. looks at it and tells me that the results show that my heart seems to be fine. He turns one of the pages and then says, "But apparently you're pregnant". He cracks me up because he always does these things with a straight face. lol
  • Absolutely. I did not want to hear the doctor tell me that my wife had breast cancer (She is doing fine now after two years) and I did not want to hear the doctor tell me that i had a blood clot and would have to go to bed and give myself two injections a day for ten days. When the doctor told me I had metabolic syndrome, I was ready and replied, "That is just a nice way of saying I am fat." <smile>
  • yes when he says wait until you get my bill.
  • Yes, they told me there would be a lady coming to visit me so that I could "make out" my living will because they didn't see me making it out of the hospital alive. That was about 5 years ago!
  • Sure, lots of them. Another answer is below, sorry:(
  • Yes, several times. However, I survived all the bad news--so far!!
  • Of course, but don't blame them. They can't help that you are sick or whatever. What they can do is help you get better. The best way to deal is to see the bright side and think positive. Negative thinking only makes it a lot worse.
  • Several times. It's almost bad enough to not go to them anymore, but I still do.
  • Yes :)
  • That my mom probably has cancer. I don't blame them though, I'm glad that they're there to help people.
  • Yeah, two doctors told me I was going to die! Imagine hearing that. I was numb and threw up. Im still here 2 years later. That is why, I don't like drs. They are arrogant and usually don't know everything. That was 2 years ago. I have found a DR. that is a real person. If he doesn't know, he says so, and we go from there.
  • Doctors are also in the money making business. Doctors while important, rely heavily on TESTS to tell them what a medical problem may be. Doctors, a lot of them do not keep up with the newest medical breakthroughs or medicine in general. Most doctors do not believe in nor will recommend Alternative Medicine as an option. ( I hate that fact). And most importantly, Doctors are human. Humans make mistakes. Now, I am not putting doctors down, not at all. They have great value, however, Doctors do not know it all, and can't call it right all the time, in every case. As with anything, YOU HAVE GOOD DOCS AND BAD DOCS AND PRAY IF NEEDED YOU GET THE GOOD DOCTORS. THE ONES THAT GO THE EXTRA MILE, AND HAVE SOME CARE FOR THEIR PATIENTS... WHERE DID THOSE DOCTORS GO?? WHERE ARE THEY? Also, healing depends on the person's desire to live and ability not to succumb to a self fulling prophecy given. If given a sentence, don't take or live the sentence is what I say. Healing is a complex matter and I think it involves a number of things to be successful. That it my three cents worth. GOD BLESS DOCTORS and GOOD MEDICINE but GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT HAS HIS OWN INNER STRENGTH AND FAITH AND HOPE and who is WELL READ REGARDING OTHER ALTERNATIVES!!!
  • Yes, I didn't want to hear I had lung cancer and it was my own fault. I had half my fight lung removed and no cancer, it was somethign else, not good, but not cancer. I also had two dr.s tell me I would be dead from this lung problem because i had allergies to all the meds they had. I found a new Dr. here and went to Denver for some help:)

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