• Alot of the times they dont. many homeless freeze to death in winters in places that get cold. I know here in Utah its quite common.
  • Most homeless migrate to warmer climates, or at least non-freezing ones. It is why you have so many in places like San Francisco, Santa Cruz, etc. Some of it is the level of acceptance of it in some cities as well. In San Francisco the homeless are like Cows in India, they can asaault you and if you happen to hit one of them back, you wind up arrested for abusing the homeless. It is one thing to want to help homeless people to get back on their feet, etc., but it is another to allow the mentally ill ones or criminal homeless to abuse the public.
  • Its Called A Coat.
  • we have good homeless shelters. alot get sick an have to go to hospital, we have donation drives for coats an gloves an hats all over town. but mainly they go to homeless shelter an then they go to beans cafe for food. hope this helped
  • by living off the mercy of others. sometimes it works, and sometimes there is no mercy to be found. you dont see too many homeless up here in alaska, you do see drifters. if someone is homeless here, then they will be helped soon or have done something that distances them from people enough to where they wont get help. a poor kid that lost all his money in college will get help. someone will pick him or her up off the street after a couple of days and give them a hand. a drunk will not get help. they will freeze, and either sober up or die. sad reality. like i said. you see drifters. yea, their homeless, but more or less all of them are merely in a state of transition from being dead ass broke to rich enough to rub two pennies together and get the hell out of dodge before the next snowstorm comes in.
  • First of All i need to settle this once and for ALL! Alaska is not cold year round. There are absolutely NO IGLOOS! we are not all eskimo. the majority of us are caucasion. We have long winters(around 5 months long) our springs are fairly normal however the melting process takes longer than most other states. our summers temperature can reach up to 90 degrees. our falltimes are somewhat chilly but decent(range between 50 and 65 degrees) homeless people in alaska(generally in anchorage) have the option of going to the available shelters. however they are commonly seen among the streets asking for booze.
  • i think that they don't have any, they all died.
  • The milk of human kindness?
  • Many don't. Lots go south. Others go to shelters, etc. or depend on the goodwill of others.
  • They frickin nut-up and build a shelter and a fire if they have to.
  • you dont - period
  • igaloo's
  • In the summer time it's not so bad.

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