• They're too busy outlawing straws yet handing out syringes! SMH! They already have a TB outbreak and conditions are right for an outbreak of bubonic plague. Right here in the US because of the immigrant situation. They were told it would happen, but they don't listen or learn from their mistakes!
    • Archie Bunker
      Not only that, they try to verbally beat down anyone who points it out. But what I really like is how the rich California folks want more federal money to build homeless long as it's not in their neighborhood. (like Pelosi's neighbors who blocked a homeless shelter outside their gated community)
    • Linda Joy
      They need the shelters where the services are. Mental Health, drug rehab, SNAP, VA, public transportation, etc. The shelters have social workers as well. Every large city should have shelters, especially for the children and anyone suffering from domestic abuse. They need to be educated. And there need to be more programs for the mentally ill especially to train them to work whatever job they can do. And to teach them how to take care of themselves as best they can.
  • cause they dont care

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