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original Vicks NyQuil multi-symptom - cherry Vicks NyQuil Cough Vicks Formula 44 Cough Vicks Formula 44 Expectorant Vicks Formula 44 Decongestant Vicks Formula 44 Mult-symptom Pediatric Vicks 44E Cough & Congestion Pediatric Vicks 44M Cough & Cold Vicks Casero Crackers: Kraft Cheese Nips Nabisco Harvest Crisps - Wheat Thins 5 Grain Nabisco Ritz Bits - Peanut Butter Nabisco Ritz Bits - Graham Cracker S'mores Nabisco Ritz Chips - Cheddar - Oven-Toasted Crunch Nabisco Ritz Crackers Nabisco Ritz Crackers - Low Sodium Nabisco Sociables Nabisco Wheat Thins Nabisco Wheat Thins - Baked Nabisco Wheat Thins - Low Sodium Nabisco Wheat Thins - Multi-Grain Nabisco Wheat Thins - Ranch Nabisco Wheat Thins - Reduced Fat Dairy: Breakstones Cottage Cheese & Toppings - Peach Breakstones Cottage Cheese & Toppings - Pineapple Breyer's Yogurt -Fruit on the Bottom - Strawberry Lowfat Cool Whip Cool Whip - Extra-Creamy Cool Whip - Lite Knudsen - Cottage Double (Peach) Knudsen - Cottage Double (Pineapple) Knudsen - Cottage Double (Strawberry) Yoplait Yogurts Drink Mixers: Saratoga Salsa Bloody Mare Mix (spelling is correct) El Paso Chili Key Lime Margarita Mix Frozen Foods: Fruits and Vegetables: B&M Original Baked Beans Contadina Tomato Paste Claussen Pickles - Bread and Butter Chips Claussen Pickles - Kosher Dill Burger Slices Claussen Pickles - Sweet Gherkins Claussen Pickle Relish Del Monte canned petite diced tomatoes with italian seasonings Del Monte Fruit Naturals Red Grapefruit Heinz Pickle Relish Mott's Applesauce Mt. Olive Sweet Relish Mt. Olive Bread and Butter Pickles Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce Ice Creams Ben & Jerry's - Chubby Hubby (HFCS and Transfat!) - Should we call it Very Chubby Hubby? Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry's - Neapolitan Dynamite Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Body & Soul Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Pints Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Original Ice Cream Singles Dreyer's - Girl Scouts Samoas Cookie Ice Cream Dreyer's - Almond Praline Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Cherry Chocolate Chip Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Cherry Vanilla Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Cookies 'N Cream Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Dulce de Leche Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Nestle Toll House Cookie Swirl Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Spumoni Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Toffee Bar Crunch Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Turtle Sundae Grand Ice Cream Dreyer's - Ultimate Caramel Cup Grand Ice Cream Jams, Jellies, and Syrups Eggoâ„¢ Syrup Original Syrup Eggoâ„¢ Syrup Buttery Syrup Eggoâ„¢ Syrup Lite Syrup Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Knott's Boysenberry preserves Smucker's Grape Jelly Meats Oscar Meyer Pickle and Pimento Loaf Pastries Nabisco Nilla Wafer Pie Crust Nabisco Oreo Pie Crust Jello No-Bake - Chips Ahoy Jello No-Bake - Oreo Pepperidge Farm's Puff Pastry sheets Salad Dressings: Emeril's Italian Vinegrette Kraft Salad Dressing - Light done Right Creamy French Kraft Salad Dressing - Thousand Island Fat Free Maple Grove Farms Caesar Fat Free Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Hot n Spicy Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Light Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Light Super Easy Squeeze Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Non-fat Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Super Easy Squeeze Wishbone Ranch Dressing Wish-Bone Classic Caesar Sauces: A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Cajun A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Chicago A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Teriyaki Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Honey Smoke Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Smokehouse Hickory Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Sweet Hickory Smoke Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Texas Style Mesquite Crazy Jerry's Alotta Bull BBQ Sauce - Torrid Toro (Hot Holy Smoke - Sticky Wings Glaze Holy Smoke - Bar B Q Glaze Jim Beam Steak Sauce Jim Beam Herb & Garlic Gourmet Marinade Jim Beam Lemon & Herb Gourmet Marinade Kraft Barbecue Sauce Penn State Nittany Lions Lime Grilling Sauce Pork Rubbers Original Competition BBQ Sauce Tuttorosso Marinara Tuttorosso Three Cheese Tuttorosso Traditional Tuttorosso Flavored With Meat Tuttorosso Mushroom Tuttorosso Tomato & Basil Tuttorosso Tomato, Olive & Garlic Virginia Gentleman Bourbon BBQ Sauce Snacks: Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Strawberry Cheesecake Bar Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chocolate covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bar Oscar Mayer Lunchables - All Star Burgers Oscar Mayer Lunchables - All-star Hot Dogs Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Chicken Dunks Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Chicken Strips Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Cracker Stackers Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Nachos Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Peanut Butter Pile-ups Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Dunks Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Pile-ups Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Stix Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Swirls Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Tacos Soups Campbells Vegatable soup (in microwaveable bowl) Source:
  • Lots! Most sodas, candies, syrups, even non-sweet foods like salad dressing, or even bread can have it. You'll have to check the ingredient listing if you want to make sure.
  • As Ender made *Very* clear in his answer, lots. They put corn syrup in just about everything these days. And from the point of view of food manufacturers, that makes a great deal of sense. Not only is corn syrup a cheap filler and sweetener, but it also has a powerful effect on metabolism and appetite. Effects which work conviently in the favour of the food industry. Consumption of high-fructose has been shown to seriously mess with the pancreas. In the long term, this often leads to obesity and diabetes, but even in the short term, it's been linked to less obvious condition called metabolic dyslipidemia, in which the body becomes insulin resistant and incapable of telling whether it's hungry or not. In other words, the mass consumption of high-fructose corn syrup leads to droves of consumers who are overweight, diabetic, chronically hungry and driven to overeat, or all of the above. I don't think that is nessecarily an intentional move on the part of food manufacturers, but it obviously does wonders for their business.
  • Almost everything contains it. Soda, bread, yogurt (espically the 100 cal yogurt), juices. There are a ton more things. If its listed as one of the first 3 ingredients, you should stay away from it.
  • Too much corn is produced in the US and one of the byproducts is high fructose corn syrup.This is used in most foods and in many products it is high on the ingredient list meaning there is a lot of it in the food .Many decades ago it was not used in foods and later was far down on the ingredient list.As the use of the product went up obesity has gone up.In other words eating too much processed foods with high fructose corn syrup is fattening.
  • Unfortunately, if you live in the USA, the answer is "pretty much everything". That stuff is so evil, I wish I could un-invent it. As stated in another answer, it has been found to lead to obesity. Quite alarming was this finding: "Large quantities of fructose stimulate the liver to produce triglycerides, promotes glycation of proteins and induces insulin resistance." Type 2 diabetes, anyone? Most frightening though was this: "According to one study, the average American consumes nearly 70 pounds of HFCS per annum, marking HFCS as a major contributor to the rising rates of obesity in the last generation."
  • You'd save time by making a list of things that DON'T.
  • they are in your freezer
  • If you go to the store and read the labels to write down everything that contains corn sugar you will be at it for days. So why do you expect me to do it?
  • The real question should be what doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, because it seems like everything does.
  • There was a big to-do about whether or not Coca-Cola should be allowed to be pure cane sugar or corn syrup. Apparently it was left up to the bottlers, and they went with corn syrup, beceause it was cheaper. I have been told that Mexican Coca-Cola is being sold at Southern California Costco stores and Coke freaks are allover it because it is made only with the cane sugar, not with the corn syrup. Personally, I only drink Diet Coke, and I find the real stuff way to sweet.
  • Just about everything you find at local grocery store. From fruit juice to bagels...and everything in between. I don't buy anything with that garbage in it.
  • Not to be a smart alec, but... anything with "high fructose corn syrup" on the label? Really, just about any processed food.

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