• Please tell us you've solved this problem! Letting an infant "cry it out" is not good for the child. It's destructive even if it works in terms of finally teaching them not to bother crying any longer. What they're actually learning, on some level, is hopelessness and distrust that those they depend on will be there for them. Later on they will only be less secure. Life is frustrating enough; parents shouldn't add to their children's suffering! As for sleeping in her crib, you don't explain why your daughter is having trouble. If this is because she's learned it's more fun to sleep somewhere else, then let her go to sleep there and then move her to the crib. Sleeping with a favorite stuffed toy or other means of comfort may also help.
  • Have a routine and stick to it. Try putting her to bed and reading her a couple of books to make her relaxed or even sing a few soft songs. Once she is comfortable in her room then try to leave and let her go to sleep on her own. Crying it out is ok when it is just that "only a cry" but when you can hear your child is getting distressed its not doing either of you any good.
  • I agree wih casspandra, a routine is most important. With my son, I started sleep training at 5 months. After seeing signs of tiredness, I would make sure his diaper was fresh and he was fed and put him to bed. Of course he would cry for my attention, but it is more important to teach him to sleep on his own for both our sakes. He would cry for 5 minutes and I would check on him, but I never picked him up, only made sure his pacifier was in his mouth and he had a comfort toy. I didn't talk to him either, just shhhh noise. This takes patience and will take several tries and you may need to extend the 5 min. to 10. Just keep telling yourself that it's a hard lesson to learn how to sleep, but that is what is best for your child. My 10 month old now reaches for his blanket when I put him in the crib and he rolls right over and falls asleep. Without proper sleep habits, your child can not focus and learn.

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