• Well....what do you want if you are loading your body with poison? To feel nice, healthy and relaxed?.... Smoking kills, that's why!
  • Really anything you do on an empty stocmach will make you feel/get sick. Plus smoking isn't going to help anything. Before taking a smoke, why not have lunch or something!
  • I understand smoking on an empty stomache does several times more damage . I stopped 16 years ago.
  • I just smoked on an empty stomach right now and I feel like shit. Whyy does it do that? I have such a big headache how do I make it go away?
  • I just smoked on an empty stomach and I practically collapsed... I had no idea tabacco could do this. Jesus, for anyone out there, do not do this.
  • The reason that you feel terrible after smoking on an empty stomach is because the motion of smoking is similar to the motion of eating. Your body is hungry and when you smoke the body thinks it is about to get food and it starts to get the acids flowing and it prepares to break down the food it thinks it is about to get. When no food actually comes into the stomach, the process gets messed up and has to stop. Smoking while you are hungry will actually make you fell more hungry. Have a small snack before you smoke. Non-smoker since Aug. 13, 2007!!
  • Because you're sucking in a lot of air which activates your digestive juices which have nothing to digest. It causes an acid stomach. Smoking is the most fun after a meal.
  • Oh God...I feel like I'm about to puke right now...I just smoked on an empty stomach, but then I ate something small...but it's not doing anything. Take it from me, please, PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!
  • I realized noone really gave you a remedy on what's already been done. So I felt I should help you out since I have no life and don't know wtf to do atm. See, basically, you feel like shit, but you feel hungry. That's your body telling you that you need to eat. So get something to eat. It's as simple as that. The best thing would probably be any kind of SOUP. It'll relax your nerves and make the headache go away and the "shit" feeling will slowly dissipate from your system. Trust me, just eat something and you'll feel much better. Listen to you body :)
  • It doesn't to me - but different people react differently to different things don't they?

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