• I think your question was cut off.. What was it that you're asking? It's normal to not feel them move... sometimes you won't feel them move until a few days before. Also, depending on your breed, there may be too many puppies in her which then they will not move as much. About the skin hanging... since your question and description was cut off, I'm not really sure what you wanted to ask. The skin hanging could be her teats and nipples or it could be that her belly has started to "drop" which happens when whelping is approaching. Good luck and here's to a safe and healthy delivery! Keep us updated. :)
  • Thank you for your answer! I did finally feel them last night move. My question was her belly seemed to all of a sudden get saggy...I now think it's her teats preparing for milk. I wanted to also know what the chance was of her losing her pups at this stage. Now that I've felt them move...I feel much bette! Thanks for you help! I will keep you updated on the delivery!
  • Once you're in the homestretch of about 56 days or more, you're likely to result in a live litter. Just make sure she's not doing a lot of jumping or running up steps. What breed of dog is she? Do you have a stethoscope? If not, it's wise to purchase one. You can find them at Wal-mart for $15 and under. When you do get one, put it up to Mom's tummy and you'll hear the little heart beats of the puppies. :) I love doing this! (The heartbeats are VERY fast and sound like a vibration.) It will also give you peace of mind to know they are alive and well. Please keep us informed! Can't wait to hear. :)
  • Well, 9 healthy pups were delivered in 1 hour 50 minutes on October 26th. She had 7 males & 2 females. Everyone is growning so big now...they are all over 2 pounds now.

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