• Hydrogen peroxide! Soak a sponge in peroxide and apply to the stain. Try it out in an inconspicuous place first. Soda water works well too on most stains including beer and coke. If done quickly enough it will take red wine stains out of clothes.
  • all soda's contain sugars or sweetners. These leave a slightly sticky surface which attracts dirt so the spots get darker as more dirt sticks to the carpet fiber. Warm water is all that is needed to not only clean the dirt off but also remove the stickyness. If only the dirt is removed the sugar remains and the spot will reappear. If the soda contains dye..i.e. orange or red that requires a more in depth answer.
  • according to my carpet cleaners the best stain remover is to put white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the stain and then blot with water on a daily basis.
  • I am tellin' ya - this will work. Take a cold, wet washcloth with some dish soap in the water you wet it with. Lay it on the stain and iron it. For a while. Rinse the rag and do it again. It might take a little time but it will work. It's like steam cleaning your rug in a very concentrated way. It worked for me with kool-aid, crystal light, and red pop.
    • Jodie44
      Yes! Ironing stains out of the carpet really does work, even if it sounds crazy. You can also use ammonia instead of dish soap. Either way, the steam heat seems to pull the stain up out of the carpet and onto the washcloth or towel. You have to repeat the process several times, but once the stain's out, it's gone!
  • Dish soap mixed with a squezed lemon might work
  • Carped cleaner???
    • Samantha Goodman
      Yes, the best option! You can call

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