• I don't know if these drugs would show up on a drug test, but you should always discuss the drugs you are on with the person administering the test. There are several reasons for this. First, there are more specific tests that can usually be done to determine if a positive test is due to an illegal drug or a prescription. However, they won't do extra tests if they aren't warned. Second, it creates a record at the testing facility. If you fail a test most employers won't hire you, even if you can prove a prescription. This is especially true with low skill jobs like retail, etc.
  • I did bring my prescriptions with me but the test taker wouldn't look at them due to HIPPA. She said I'd get a phone call if there was an issue. So, I guess I'll just have to wait.
  • Many drugs will show up on a drug test. Since you have a prescription I wouldn't worry too much. I am a bit surprised that they wouldn't look at the prescriptions at the time of testing. They usually ask a person if they are on any medication at the moment and make note of it on the testing forms. This cannot keep you from being hired, since they are legally prescribed. If you are turned down for the position, you can fight it on the grounds of discrimination. Proving it is another matter.
  • The government is fully owned by the prescription drug companies, don't worry. If you have the prescriptions, you're cool. However I would suggest that you be careful, all prescription pain meds can be addictive, I've seen it happen to my family members.
  • Tramadol will show up as an opioid. While you can't be FIRED for using it because you have a prescription, they can always find any reason they want to choose someone else over you for the position. All they have to say is "We found someone better suited for the job."

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