• Well, I have realized that when you really love someone their little quirks or bad habits dont seem to bother you very much. If it is something thats very annoying and isnt somehthing that can be put up with, so long as hes not doing it intentionally its a good idea to just talk to him about it. Im sure if the man is in a good relationship he will work on whatever it is. If its something really stupid though sometimes its better to just bite your toungue and not let it bother you. its just part of being in a relationship.
  • I'd just politely ask him not to do it, or if it's something he can't help, distract myself to help me ignore it.
  • This might sound silly but I dont like shoes on my bathroom floor I really dont like them in house. But another when he shave he get hair everwhere and when cut his nails he just cut them anywhere.I walk barefooted so it just grossing me walk on his hair or nail clippings.
  • Dose his beer, chop off his balls, and feed them to next door's rottweiler.....

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