• We have a burger bar in the village now, so we can get American food. It doesn't seem to be doing very well though because people aren't used to fast food.
  • You did not specify which area. Most areas in the US have a Chinese restaurant, one or more Mexican chain restaurant (Taco Bell, ChiChi, etc). Urban areas also have French and Italian cuisine. Some cities have strong ethnic backgrounds and will have unique cuisine (Hungarian, Portuguese, Indian, etc).
  • I would recommend you try 1. Vietnamese food - it's my favorite (get the pho) 2. Korean - (get the bulgoki) 3. Thai - (get satay chicken, sticky rice, papaya salad) Here are some names 1. Kinh Do, Cam Ranh Bay, Quang 2. Hoban, Korea House 3. Spice, Sawatdee, Supatra's, Amazing Thai
  • We have a Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, Ciro's Italian Restaurant(where I'm employed ;) Peking China, La Cucina, and La Hacienda. There's also an Indian food restaurant but I'm not sure of the name..
  • You didn't say what area so I'll tell you what's available in our area, the closest big city is about 20-30 miles away. I'm in the USA Mexican Chinese Korean Japanese Vietnamese Thai Indian Moroccan Russian Greek Caribbean (Jamaican, Puerto Rican) Irish Pub:-) French Italian German There are too many to name unless you plan on visiting upstate New York.
  • Well, if I had to guess about the area you are from, my guess would be Kentucky. Just a hunch with the horses. I have never been to Kentucky so sad to say I cannot help you. Then again, you might not even live in that area.
  • The town I live in only has two restaurants, one is Italian. The closest town to where I live has CHinese, Japanese, Italian, Portugese.
  • greek italian chinese mexican japanese irish colombian
  • We have siu min ung-Vietnmese restoarunt, Hitachi master, taco bell, chipotle,Ambar(Indian food)Krishna(indian),Asia house(chinese,japnese).Thats all i no hope it helps =)
  • La Hacenda, Japan 77, ZaZa's, DeMarco's, La Velenca there is a bunch, but that is all I can think of off the top of my head.
  • French, Italian, Asian, cuban, Mexican, Caribean, Irish.

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