• Actually, I think it is. Or not so much against the law (since young children can go into either, or emergancies I'm sure) but the law most likely will catch you on some other "crime" from doing so. I do not think that most people's intent when using an opposite sex bathroom is pure after all. Could be wrong. I have no official legal knowledge in the matter.
  • No, its not a law violation. if it were, i would have to arrest myself. i take a healthy water pill and have to go frequently. sometimes, the mens rest room is occupied and my eyeballs are floating. what to do? you guessed it, the womens rest room. In today unisex world, things have changed dramatically. some rest rooms have signs that show men and women can use one restroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  • Well if it is then I've broken the law numerous times.Somtimes you just cant wait
  • There aren't specific laws that make this illegal, but if a cop really wanted to arrest you, this could fit into the trespassing statutes of some states.
  • If you really had to go, and it was a 1-person only bathroom, then I imagine it would be okay. However, going into a more than 1 person bathroom could get you into trouble, even if you really had to go. I don't know about specific laws, but imagine it would fall generally under trespassing.
  • There was a wait for the ladies room, and no one in the mens room, so me and some friends decided to use the mens room, and we were told it was a health code violation....We all have the same urin and poop coming out of us so who knows how it was, I think they jus said it so we would not use it!
  • Most likely not, but I am sure some cop would think of some excuse such as disturbing the peace, because naturally women would be pissed. But sometimes women have senses of humor, such as when I accidentally went into the girls bathroom, and I didn't notice until I walked out of the stalls, and I saw there were women washing their hands. So I walked next to them with a smile on my face and washed my hands, dried them, and walked out, and they laughed.
  • It's much better to apologize than ask permission and be denied. The line for the Ladies Room is always enormously long..if you gotta go you gotta go..just say you got confused! :)
  • I don't know... I do it all the time, even when I don't have use the potty. Is that wrong??
  • I'm sure you can get away with it, just as long as men don't sniff the little trash cans in the stalls, and women don't sit in the urinals.
  • not sure but maybe it should be
  • probably unless someone does it by accident
  • probably
  • Not in Target, it's not.

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