• As in the perfume? As far as I know, it's ''a -neigh''. That's how I've always heard and said it.
  • Three syllables: Ah-ny-EES
  • An Nay
  • Anais Nin? ana-ees, short a as in Anna, long e as in e-mail. The last name is properly pronounced "Neen," but most English speakers say "Nin" as in in or inn.
  • [ana'iːs nin]...if that means anything.
  • "Ah Nah Ee" the s is silent :)
  • Looks to me like Ane-iss. But I'm no expert.
  • it depends if it has the double dot over the I Anais or Anaïs my daughter is Anaïs and its pronounced annayis -ana-is. Thats the correct French pronunciation. I get a lot of people trying to correct me on the pronunciation of her name lol, I think because most french words you wouldnt pronounce the last letter, but because it has the double dot, you do.
  • A-na-iss I'm French and we pronounce the S at the end
  • my daughter is called anais i pronounce this a- nay. i have heard so many different ways of saying it im just not sure what is correct. i dont use the .. above so i hope that means u dont say it with the french way?? would love some feed back on this please.
  • haha, so clearly there are many pronunciations but I am both named Anais and am French (where the name originates) so I'm going to tell you in excrutiating detail how it's originally SUPPOSED to be pronounced: A-NA-Eese (Ah as in the ah of an ah-choo! sneeze) (Nah as in the song na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey good bye...) (and the Eese from geese or the 'iece' from 'piece') This is also the way the Chanel Perfume is pronounced, "Ah-nah-eese, Ah-nah-eese"... I think an nay sounds spectacularly stupid but then again I've had the frustration of correcting my name my entire life.
  • The "s" is NOT silent. It is pronounced, "AhnayeeS". I am French and this is my name, and I have worn the perfume my whole life. It matters not if there is an umlaut over the "i" as one poster wrote. The umlaut signifies how to pronounce the "i", nothing more.

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