• Gravity. ----- Removed question mark pursuant to Silent Serenity's comment. This is the last time I will try to liven up a topic usually filled with dreary medical jargon and acronyms!!!
  • “Changing hormonal levels affect hair growth. According to the "Hair Guru" at, genetic research at the Mayo Clinic has shown that the male hormone DHT dihydrotestosterone), the culprit that causes baldness, may also be linked to nasal/ear hair growth. This explains why women don’t have to deal with the issue. Although researchers know that increased levels of DHT are responsible for scalp hair loss, the exact relationship of DHT to nasal/ear hair is unclear. But, as the Hair Guru points out, "The genetic command that we would have to engineer to eliminate those hairs, will at the same time affect other hairs and perhaps cause an undesirable affect." Edit - I reported the medical advances of the Mayo clinic, feel free to challenge this at any time.
  • It slid off their heads and lodged there.
  • As men get older, they have less energy. Their bodies can no longer push the hair all the way to the top of their head, so they go bald and the hair comes out their ears and nose instead......
  • they have it on their penises too.
  • it's a shame isn't it

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