• When I worked in social services, I had to turn it off and lock it up. lol. When I worked in a 'business' office, we left our computers on all the time and the tech fairies would go around at night fixing bugs and updating things. They actually preferred that we leave our computers on. At home, I usually just close my laptop if I walk away because I have little monkeys running around and they love to get into everything.
  • My computer has been running since the first day I turned it on. Of course I have had to reboot at times but never have completely shut it down.
  • We only turn our computer off when we go on vacation. Otherwise it stays on all the time.
  • Mine is on most of the time. I turn it off at nite, start again in morning.
  • I tend to close the computer if I'm going out for more than, say, an hour, otherwise I'd feel a bit guilty, due to the money, that could be spared.
  • When I'm not using it, I don't let it on. I switch it off for it to be able to rest. Even machines need some time off, you know. =)
  • I leave it on, because I have my updates set to download in the wee hours of the morning (when I don't have to worry about my ISP's fair access policy). It's actually better (in my opinion, anyway) to just leave it on. Powering the computer on and off repeatedly causes more wear and tear to the hardware components. Another thing is that many malicious programs are designed to execute when your computer starts up, so if you leave your machine on most of the time then they have less chance to execute before your antivirus program can detect them.
  • i use my laptop so all i do is just close it when i am not useing i hardly ever turn it off
  • At work, I use a desktop and I never turn it off. At home, for my desktop, I leave it on all the time except I turn it off for about 12 hours (straight) a week. At home, when I used to use my laptop, I usually gave it a rest for about 12 hours every 3 days.
  • If the computer is on, I'm on it. The only time it is on and unsupervised is to get water, or use the toilet.
  • I pull the electric cord after each use. I never leave my computer in the "on" mode.
  • I pull the electric cord after each use. I never leave my computer in the "on" mode.
  • I don't turn it on and off. I get done all I need to do, then I check the list of all I need to do online. I turn it on, and it stays on for 6+ hours, until I'm finished or nodding off. I turn it off via the software, then cut the power. I fix a bedtime snack, do a shower, then lights out. Rinse and repeat the next day.
  • I leave it on all the time except when I'm going to be away for an extended amount of time. The idea of scheduling maintenance to run when I'm not using it is appealing, but my hours are inconsistent and don't really allow much for it. I do daily maintenance and don't let cookies build up. I also clean my registry every day as well as check the system files. In doing this, my computer never slows down as I've seen so many other complaints about.
  • I put mine in "sleep" mode when I leave it.
  • I always turn off my computer when I am not using it

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