• I listen to "Mad World" by Gary Jules. It makes me a little sad, but I get over it and back to normal in a couple minutes.
  • i think you must look at things through your head rather than looking at things through your helps
  • Limit the time spent associating with and listening to misery people and misery music. Don't go down into dark holes with people who would drag you there. Brighten your world by making a point of noticing the good things - the nice things. Interact with positive people, learn and grow and move away from negativity. If you're on drugs or alcohol - get off it. Take care of you - you're worth it.
  • you could cut out your heart... but i don't personally recommend it
  • Keep away from newspapers and any "bad news" for awhile. De-program and relax. Enjoy life! :)
  • I can tell you there was a time a few years ago when I fell into a deep depression and could hardly function. I was put on the drug Lamictal. It's usually for Bi-polar, but it works well with numbing emotional pain. It worked like magic and erased my misery and fear. I was a little numb, but I needed to be at that time. I just realized that you could just be a tad over emotional at times, in which case this answer is entirely inappropriate. It is only for serious emotional meltdowns or Bi-Polar disorder. I'd recommend meditation and yoga works wonders at centering yourself and regaining control of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. You just have to stick with it. Good luck to you : )
  • Maybe you are ok ,just the way you are.Alot of things change with time and maturity.maybe you need to go through this emotional time and you will grow stronger from it.I wish you peace and happiness.
  • I am a very very emotional person too and sadly it is getting in the way of my relationship...I cry and become a mess and its getting to the point that as much as my boyfriend loves me, he said that if I don't become less emotional, it is over between us. Right now, I feel scared that he will leave me and I plan on doing anything I can to calm down, whether it is meditation, yoga or just taking walks and reconnecting with myself. I would tell you to try to talk to someone who can help you get out of this before it destroys your love life or just simply makes me you a nervous wreck for no solid reason;;;;There ARE ways to "cure" yourself, sometimes it requires mores strength than we can give..
  • pluck your nose hairs.

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