• Swedish (or lingonberry) Crepes at IHOP are amazing =) I eat two plates full. ^.^
  • Cheesecake Factory: Tex-Mex Eggrolls Crispy Chicken Costolleta Hibachi Steak Red Robin: Teriyaki Chicken Sandwhich Panera: French Onion Soup Spaghetti Factory: The house salad with the poppy seed dressing Mizithera Cheese spaghetti TacoTime (Seattle area) Veggie soft taco Leucadia Pizza (Carmel Mt Ranch, San Diego, CA): Thai Chicken Pizza Ricks (Sneads Ferry, NC): Black & Blue Steak Sweet potato fries Riverview Cafe (Sneads Ferry, NC) Peanut Butter Pie Cracker Barrel: Marinated Grilled Chicken Tenderloin Strips Arbys: Plain, roast beef sandwhich Anywhere in the greater Annapolis/Baltimore area: Pan fried soft shell crab Any Thai Restaurant: Pad Thai Tofu Panang Tom Yum Gai Soup Any place that has an Asian Chicken salad with mandarin oranges, I will usually try that. Any Mexican restaurant: Fajitas (sometimes even just vegetarian fajitas) Chicken in Mole Sauce Anthony's Beach Cafe (Edmonds, WA) Mussels Strawberry Rhubarb slump Kingston Inn (before it burned down - Kingston, WA) Mussels Grilled chicken sandwhich Corianders (Hampstead, NC) Scallop Chowder Roasted southwest corn salad I could go on and on and on.......
  • Good googly moogly, that's quite a list.
  • Local Cuban Restaurant - Garlic Roast Pork
  • At one of my favorite restaurants, Racha they have a fantastic appetizer called Crab Delight. It's crab in cream cheese in a fried wonton. OMFG it's so good! Then I usually get the Sen Mee Beef. It's amazing! At one of my other favorite restaurants, El Gaucho Steakhouse, I really love their Fillet Mignon- and pretty much everything else. They're a 5 star steak house, so everything is FANTASTIC!
  • Red Robin: Gourmet Cheeseburger Fridays: Sizzling Chicken & Cheese Ruby Tuesdays: Tuesdays Minis Panera: Broccoli and cheddar soup; chicken ceasar salad Those are only a few.
  • The only favorite dish I ever had was when I was a kid (12-14 years old). It was at IHOP (Int'l House of Pancakes), and I would ALWAYS get the "Burger Banquet with a side of Chocolate-Chip Pancakes".
  • My favorite dish is chicken alfredo at Garfield's.
  • If I get offered a "last meal" I'll choose Chicken Fingers and fries from Zaxby's. Actually, if anyone offers me to pick dinner tonight, I'm selecting that as well. Ha!
  • As much as I hate the themed chain restaurants that seem to dominate my local cuisine scene, I'm going to have to say that the Flo's Filet at Longhorn is always exceptional. Cooked medium rare, with mashed potatoes and their wonderful bread...washed down with a pint of Sam Adams. Then there's the Crispy Sesame Chicken at the Asian restaurant Panda North. That's another thing that never fails to make my mouth water. Oh my G-d, am I ever hungry.
  • At Shout in Atlanta, my favorite dish is the "crunchy roll" sushi. Murphy's in Atlanta, my favorite dish is the grouper. It is so great. It is one of my favorite meals of any restaurant. Taco Mac has wonderful Buffalo wings and a great Buffalo and Blue burger. The Claddagh, I love the fish and chips or the Guinness beef stew. Muldoon's in the Indianapolis, IN area has great fish and chips too. Pizza King in Muncie, IN the Royal Feast Pizza.

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