• i've had no experience with a lawyer that would lead me to automatically distrust them based on their profession, so i'd say yes. but i might just be gullible.
  • It depends on the lawyer. It's best to view Each Person as an Individual. though... overall.. from all that i've heard & experienced... I believe the majority of them Do Lie. They Lie.... for the money,.... of course. they risk losing everything in the end. because when life is over... they find that they couldn't take money or earthly posessions with them. & they find that their sins may disallow them from heaven. they may find theirselves in hell.
  • I dont trust lawyers at all. i have no experience with them, but my boyfriend has, and just by what has happened in the past with what they tell him, all it is is what he wanted to hear, just so they could get his money. thats all they care about. they are sleezy.
  • I trust my lawyer very much..he went to jail with me once..LMAO :)
  • It depends on the lawyer. I had called a lawyer on a matter a couple of years ago and he was very honest and gave me great advice free of charge. He told me not to get a lawyer. I saw another lawyer in action when I was on jury duty. He really cared about the client and had appeared several times due to hung juries. I was very impressed. I know others are scum.
  • Only if he say " I'm gonna screw u out of a ton of money"
  • I first listen to the lawyer. Then I check the law books to see if his opinion matches what the law says. Only if it matches I trust the lawyer. Or else I point out the discrepancy. It is for the lawyer to earn my trust by explaining.
  • My father is a lawyer and I trust him completely.
  • I should have... She told me it would cost ten times more to prove my sobriety... I did not have ten times as much as the fine so she quit on me
  • Good Question. As you've already seen in some of the answers above. It depends on what kind of person he or she is. However, if I was falsely accused of a crime & was facing serious prison time. I have to admit I wouldnt hesitate too much hiring the lawyer who had the best success record at getting people off of charges regardless of whether the lawyer was a good person or not. Yet, as a Born Again Christian I must confront the moral/spiritual aspects of a persons behavior. A lot of people I consider immoral have the trait of refusing to answer key questions like have you ever told a lie etc. If someone isnt able to answer that question i.e have you ever told a lie? with a yes answer I dont think I could ever trust that person. I've seen a lot of people over the years answer no the the question 6 of the LA COunty Juror selection. i.e Have you ever been the victim or witness of a crime ? Even Jesus Christ whose bio life on earth was fairly short i.e aprox 34 years old when he was falsely accused and killed on the cross.Even Jesus couldnt live his short biolife without being a victim or witness of crimes. I dont think anyone else can behave better than Jesus so I really dont think anyone can live their life without being a victim or witness to a crime. A lot of people say oh theyre only talking about felonies. But thats not what the judges I've talked say it means. The them it means any crime even a religious law violation. So I would be more likely to hire a Christian lawyer who could admit his mistakes & say he had lied at some point in his life. Hope this answer helps Thanks for interesting question gave you 1 pt i.e 9 to 10 pts

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