• i'm 16. i text more than i probably should but sometimes it's just easier than phoning. and my 68 year old gran texts so i really doubt you're too old.
  • Texting is for teens. I hate texting. I want to speak to a live person on the phone and have a real conversation. Much more meaningful that way. I'm 41 BTW.
  • I do not use text messaging myself for I find it more personal and easier to phone them.I feel that we are alienated enough from each other because of technology.When I need to communicate I do it in person,or on the phone.
  • I'm unaware of any age requirement re texting. Those keys ARE awfully small though. I have yet to purchase a cell phone.
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      they are a waste of money.. hubby has one for emergencies only ..i rarely use it..only if i leave my camera at home so if im with hubby i use his mobile
  • I am 46 and I text some of my friends. I don't see a thing wrong with it.
  • Texting to me is silly. It is just a new toy, and not an efficient form of communication. It is much faste to call and say or ask what needs to be said and then done with it. The text thing is truly a useless form of communication since it came AFTER the phone was invented. I'm 37, I never text. My kids tried texting me onceo ro twice and I just called them and asked what they needed. It was pointless for me to sit theire typing in a bunch of words when it took 5 seconds to find out what I needed to know.
  • I do, but only because they're free. If I had to pay then I'd rather phone them. I'm 24.
  • My mom turned 50 this year. I just taught her how to text, and she LOVES it! She texts me all the time now.
  • I text my soontobeexhusband all the time--we are always trying to find out how the other's date went or who needs to call the gas company to fix the cut line. But even if I didn't use texting already I would do it or die if he'd said the same thing your husband said. I'm 41 next month...gotta go, he's texting me now!
  • Tell your husband that's a big NO NO! You should never put an 'age limit' on anything. That is what makes people "feel" old. Naughty him! :)
  • I have never text messaged anyone and I don't see a need for it in my future!!!!!!!!
  • I'm 22, my husband is 24. We text message sometimes during the day so that the other person won't be interrupted by a phone call, or when we only need to exchange a few words, like what time dinner is. I text my friends as well because I don't know if they're in class, or working, or otherwise occupied. It's easier and less intrusive, it's like a mini-email you can get to when you want, which is especially helpful if I'm trying to get my kids down to bed - well, who wants their phone to ring because you forgot to silence it? Not me.
  • my dad is 58 years old and he loves to text me and his friends. ever since i taught him
  • No I don't,but if someone told me I should call them rather than text I would tell them to get a life.
  • Show him the text messaging commercial where Grandma texts her BFF Rose 1,000 times a day. LOL Text is good when you can't talk but still want to communicate or send pics. I text with my BFF while in class, for instance. LOL I'm 40.
  • sometimes i do and i'm 40 :) i usually text my kids though~my husband doesn't mind texting but he hates to type so after a few texts then he'll just call....haha maybe u should just tell your husband that you just think of it as "fun" with your friends and you don't have to worry about carrying on a long conversation when just a few texts here and there seem to do the trick!
  • If you fingers still work, you are not too old.
  • Snakelover!! Personally, I don't think you're EVER too mum is 74 and texts us all the time, she texts her own friends and other members of the family and being over 400 miles apart, it's great! We do speak ont he phone as well but it's a comfort to her and us to receive "Going 2 bed now na nyte & luba dub"!!!!! So my friend, you are NEVER too old and at least you are keeping in touch and communicating whether it be by phone or text!! :) xx
  • hey, if you can text, you might as well do it. i'm 24 & text more than i talk.
  • I am 50 and occasionally text message friends. It isn't my favorite mode of communication but I find it convenient and useful at times. I feel bad for your hubby. He thinks you are too old to text eh? When you reach a certain age will he make you listen to elevator music, cut your hair short, go to dinner before 5pm and go to bed at 8pm? Honestly I don't think this is about being too old to text I think he is jealous or concern you are texting too much. Do you text when he is trying to chat with you or the two of you are together? Might that be the real issue?
  • My mother is 92. she is 85% deaf. she is intelligent and she sends text messages. Since she does not hear, the wonderful world of text messaging has boosted her communications with family members 100%. Age has no bearing on emails, text messaging or phone conversations.
  • I have used txt messaging with youngsters and I am 50. I feel it is about a 10% efficient means of communication since it takes so long to tap out characters one at a time but it is a means that some people prefer. Perhaps it carries an illusion of not occupying your full attention since you do not appear to have a phone in your ear and others cannot overhear, but in reality there is little else you can do while furiously tapping one character at a time.
  • I am 31 and I generally text my friends more then talk on the phone..........if I just want to say a quick hello then I will text and not call. On the other hand if I want to have a conversation with someone then it is best to just call the person.
  • Mostly I use the phone but there are a few cases I use texting instead: I text rather than call when people are at work, so as not to interrupt anything important I text friends who live overseas because its cheaper than calling I use texts for a friend who is deaf, and for another who is phone-phobic.
  • im 35 and i love to text my friends or who ever, i would rather text than talk on the phone, my mom just turned 60 and i taught her how to text and she loves it, she texts me all of the time...
  • I don't text a lot but then I can go a week without my phone ringing either. I don't talk to many people. I get about the same amount of texts. I am 78. I have come a long ways baby since we/I used a crank type phone and an operator. I well remember when our town started using dial phones in about 1951, they had to teach me how to use the dialer.
  • 59 and no I don't. But then I never did. Thank God I am old enough I never had to deal with that.
  • he's old fashioned/old school
  • I text more than call & I'm over 50.
  • well a phone call is more personal ....and texting is gonna cause carpel tunnel and ya all be in real bad pain texting 24/7
  • You are not too old to text message someone
  • Texting has its time and place. Do you really want to talk to someone on the phone with kids squealing, laughing or fighting in the background? Is it proper for you to take a personal call at work? And how well does talking on the phone work at the train station or with construction work going on in the background? Or the opposite - no talking in the library! What if some doctor shoved his entire tool box down your throat and no one can understand what you're saying? I have some friends that only text, and I'm cool with that. My appointment reminders come in text messaging. I'm 61 now. And for those who haven't figured it out yet, you can tell your phone what to type. It isn't flawless by any means, but better than little buttons. Also you can increase the text size by 'unpinching' or spreading your fingers on the text or ctrl + on the keyboard. Texting also works better if you don't want those around you to know what you're saying. I think most people who would rather call might be a tad afraid of new technology. I'll admit the phone works better when I can't find my glasses. 😎

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