• Hit into another vehicle.
  • My grandpa was picking his nose...eww Reading a newpaper (grandpa again) Lol, most major ones
  • Almost falling asleep and crashing against a telephone pole. He was an old man and diabetic. My grandfather sent me with him when I was a little kid to go and get something I can't remember. He was OK in the morning, but after lunch....his diabetes took over. I am lucky I am alive!
  • Run a light at excessive speed cutting the other car in half,Several people died.
  • I saw an elderly woman hit four cars trying to back out of a busy parking lot!
  • gah, this was on Thursday...<br><br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br> |Blue van|-> |me|-><br> ______________________/----bollards--------_____________<br> --------------------/<br> <--- |Oncoming Traffic|<br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br><br> this was the situation. the guy in the blue van had been trying to get past me for ages, cos i'm a learner and was travelling at the speed limit. suddenly, he darts out as such <br><br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br> |me|-><br> ______________________/----bollards--------_____________<br> --------------------/<br> |Blue van|-> <--- |Oncoming Traffic|<br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br> goes up on the kerb on the other side, still travelling <br> <br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br> |me|-> <br> ______________________/----bollards--------_____________<br> --------------------/<br> <--- |Oncoming Traffic|<br> __________________________|Blue van|->_________________<br> <br> <br> and then shoots back across before accelerating away.<br> <br> _________________________________________________________<br> <br> |me|-> |Blue van|-><br> ______________________/----bollards--------_____________<br> --------------------/<br> <--- |Oncoming Traffic|<br> _______________________________________________________<br> Blegh. P.S. English, hence the "driving on the left" thing. edit: IS THERE NO WAY TO ADD LINEBREAKS??
  • I had a friend undress himself and completely redress himself in a formal tuxedo while driving close to 100 mph on the beltway outside of washington DC. I was in the passenger seat. I was very scared. Practically needed to change my undies after that ride made it from DC to Boston in less than 9 hours during that trip.
  • Absolutely true: I saw a guy PLAYING A FLUTE while doing about 80 mph up I-87 in NY. I could't believe it at first, but I sped up next to him to make sure I wasn't nuts.
  • masturbating :| .. yep, i was 15 and on the bus and happened to look down and out my window, and there right beside the bus was a guy in his car .. jacking off and driving .. it's just so wrong
  • Talking on a cellphone while drinking coffee and eating breakfast. All at the same time.
  • My dad trying to fix the radio on highway 401 (one of the deadliest highways in Canada) I'm still "ify" on getting in the car with him
  • Reading a paperback novel. Thankfully there was a police car behind him and saw him.
  • Eating a bowl of cereal while on the freeway. It was one of them LOL moments.
  • LOL! Or not so LOL.... I've seen them not stop as they careen into the back of another car.... in my life experiences, I say this is a pretty bad thing to do while driving ;) Though, I am sure everyone else covered the cell phones, burrito eating, reading the newspaper, etc!
  • My sister applying makeup with both hands and looking in the mirror :P
  • I wouldn't know where to begin. Yelling into a cell phone with no hands on the steering wheel. Nose-pickers. People who look like they are asleep. People applying make-up or checking themsleves in a mirror. People changing clothes. I've seen two drivers racing on the highway throwing garbage out of their windows at each other.
  • (you asked for it.) Jacking off...eww
  • giving a man a BJ haha
  • 65/70 MPH on a three lane highway in bumper to bumper traffic, the woman was Curling her hair. She must have had a curling iron that plugs into the lighter. I got off the highway and took the scenic route.
  • Saw some gal giving her guy Road Head once, gave them a little toot on the horn.
  • Headed the wrong way up a motorway sliproad. I didn't see what happened - I hope they stopped in time. On video: two cars had overshot their desired sliproad and pulled over onto the hard shoulder. the front car reversed back towards the other, reversed out into the motorway, past the other, then back onto the hard shoulder and backwards to the sliproad.
  • I saw a Woman run over and kill a man on a bicycle.
  • I watched a guy hit someone in the crosswalk on purpose. Before we could call 911 the car was gone and the guy who got hit limped off and wouldnt allow anyone to help him.

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