• Ecology is the study of interactions between plants and and animals and their environment. A sample category would be global warming. People have an effect on the environment. In return the environmental changes from that have an effect on people.
  • Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of living organisms and how the distribution and abundance are affected by interactions between the organisms and their environment. The environment of an organism includes both physical properties, which can be described as the sum of local abiotic factors such as insolation (sunlight), climate, and geology, as well as the other organisms that share its habitat. The term oekologie was coined in 1866 by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel the word is derived from the Greek οικος (oikos, "household") and λÏŒγος (logos, "study"); therefore "ecology" means the "study of the household [of nature]". The word "ecology" is often used in common parlance as a synonym for the natural environment or environmentalism. Likewise "ecologic" or "ecological" is often taken in the sense of environmentally friendly.
  • the study of how things interact and grow concerning the environment and other organisms
  • Ecology is the surrounding in which living organisms survive but i think now - a - days peope theirself are harming their ecology by making use of harmful gases and particles without knowing their fture consequences.........but IYCN held a campaign and educated people all over India the importance of energy conservation and why is it nescessary to use other environmental friendy substitutes of energy

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